Off to seek a fortune … again

Husband is leaving me today.

No, no: not because he has morphed overnight from a man who lovingly tends all things old and falling apart into one who can’t resist the new and shiny, but because he’s off to seek our fortune. Again.

We’ve been on a mission to seek our fortune since we got married 18 years ago; it’s why we came to Tanzania: land of milk and honey and opportunity, everybody said, you’ll make your fortune there, they assured us.

Not yet we haven’t. And indeed our latest attempt to do so proved a heartbreaking and unmitigated disaster: we invested our savings in this farm, the one I’ve described as quietly turning up its toes. We created a home, collected a dozen different indigenous trees, landscaped a garden and planted an orchard. Then we sat back anticipating a worry-free future and a new 4×4. Except that it didn’t work out that way. Not, I hasten to add, for lack of trying: we gave it all we had, and six years. So we’re off again, Dick Whittington style (except that in the last 18 years I’ve acquired too much crap to pack it all in a hankie and carry it over my shoulder on a stick).

Keep looking forward, Anthony says. It’s the only way. He’s right.

But I’m not looking forward to his leaving.


3 Responses to “Off to seek a fortune … again”

  1. Gillian Says:

    Hmmm… maybe you should ‘back fill’ some of the narrative, cos your blog launches straight into daily events while leaving tantalizing clues to the pathway that got you to today…

    what kind of farm is it?
    why did it not succeed?
    what are your immediate options?

    what did you do before this farm?

    questions… questions….

  2. Rob Says:

    Hey Anthea
    Hope you and the family finally find that elusive fortune in the back of beyond. I look forward to reading more on that. Keep it coming!

  3. Chiara Says:

    Best of luck in the new venture!
    Am addicted to your blog, had withdrawl symptoms over Easter! Keep writing..

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