Money growing on Trees

There is an acacia tree right outside the window that I sit at to work. And from its bark is seeping resin; like a fistful of glossy amber.

The sight of it has inspired Hattie to write a story about a magic tree from which every fruit imaginable grows – pears, bananas, apples, mangoes, pineapples, watermelons, mulberries (quite a handy tree for a celebrity chef to have in her garden then?). But that’s not all, the tree is especially magic (just in case some cynic imagines somebody’s been grafting an orchard onto it) for gold grows upon its bark. On seeing the ‘gold’ the heroine in Hattie’s story says ‘and to think Mum says money doesn’t grow on trees’.

Which sadly is something I say. Quite alot.

Were Hattie’s imagination really able to spin the resin into gold I’d go and grab a handful and pay my school fees with it.


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