On Wayward Beauties

According to the Daily News, the Miss Tanzania organizing committee ‘has vowed to act tough on wayward beauties who contravene laid down regulations, tarnishing the image of the beauty industry’.

Hashim Lundenga, who coordinates the Miss Tanzania pageant, has resolved to disqualify crown holders with “proved involvement in criminal offences such as theft and murder,”

And if any of the beauties think they can get away with anything short of murder – indulging in drink, drugs or nude photo shoots for example – they can think again: he’s not going to tolerate that either.

In fact, so stringent are the pageant’s rules that crown holders won’t even be able to skive ‘social and national responsibilities’; any bunking off is going to result in disciplinary measures because this, he says, is about ‘Beauty with a purpose’.

Even if it’s not much fun.

And talking of wayward beauties, sunbird hopped onto the window this morning to say hello; Moshi didn’t eat him after all.


Sorry. Bit lost here. Given the current, dire situation in Zimbabwe, can anyone explain why local people are celebrating 27 years of independence under Mugabe’s rule, Long Live President Mugabe read the signs they hold aloft. Has hunger and desolation driven them to insanity? Or are they too afraid of him and his cronies not to appear as supporters?

Probably both.

Poor, poor people.


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