Last light

End of the day in Africa is always best.

The light is so soft, the sun angled so that the worst of the heat is filtered out and the light changes from white hot to a pale gold which ignites the tops of all the trees in the garden, the cassia are especially magnificent then, their candles of yellow flowers on fire. The sky is rinsed pale blue after last night’s rain; there won’t be any tonight, no clouds bruising our horizon this evening, just friendly pink puffs.

 Yup, evenings best. And means I can have a beer.


2 Responses to “Last light”

  1. Verilion Says:

    This is a really beautiful description and the last line made me laugh.

  2. Rob Says:

    The good thing about Africa is that at least the sun sets at a civilized time, like 6pm all the time. Having moved to UK, in the winter, with sun setting, I thought, “Yes, time for that beer”. A challenge from mother ensued, “Its only 4pm”, and she was prepared to accept the “sunset” argument if I was prepared to wait till the sunset in the summer also. Needless to say, the beer went back into the fridge for a further few hours!

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