Sue for libel …? I don’t think so.

This morning I have a meeting with the editor of the Arusha Times. Not in my capacity as journalist: I am reliably informed that as a freelancer for the local press once cannot expect to be paid. Instead one must buy space for copy from the paper much in the same way as one would buy advertising space.

No. I’m not going to see him because I want to write for him but because this week his paper carries a damning story about my husband which pertains to the court cases we endured two weeks ago. Editors here are not, apparently, as hot as they are in the UK regards timely news pegged pieces.

I have heard that the Arusha Times is anxious to present the facts in any of their stories accurately, which must make them unusual in the industry, so I am going to plead to the editor’s integrity and point out to him that the several facts he got wrong, very wrong, in his story about Anthony means that my husband comes across as the villian he is not.

Were I Victoria Beckham and the Mail had run a similar story on David I could sue for libel and claim millions.

Alas, for a paper that expects freelancers to buy copy space I wouldn’t get a bean, so such an effort would be futile. I shall simply – and politely – indicate that his journalist got her facts wrong.

The power has been off for several hours until just now.

Needless to say I filed a report with my friend Mr Dominic.

He told me that the power cut was the result of heavy rainfall last night.

I’m confused. During the rains the power is cut because of storms. During times of drought it’s also cut, because there’s not enough rain to fill the dams of national hydro-electric schemes.


One Response to “Sue for libel …? I don’t think so.”

  1. Primal Sneeze Says:

    The Arusha Times sounds quite like my local rag, the Leinster Leader. You can submit a press release. They will run it any time in the next 3 months by which time the story’s cold. If copy is not submitted by a staff writer it automatically drops into the filler category.

    ps. Found you blog thanks to Gorilla Bananas’, your publicist, even if you don’t realise it šŸ™‚

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