The pitfalls of trying to be a hip mum

Amelia is listening to music on MTV. Whilst doing homework. She’s a female; she’s practicing at multi-tasking.

I hear a song I think I recognize. And – even rarer – one I like (Amelia and I don’t share a taste in music). I ask her to put it up so that I can hear it in the kitchen where I am making mango ice-cream with Hattie because my conscience got the better of me. (Please don’t be impressed by mango ice-cream: you blend mango pulp, cream and icing sugar to taste. Handy when you have manky mango at bottom of fridge that everybody refused to eat for breakfast. I didn’t taste the cream in case it was disappointingly sour – sell by dates are misleading here). I digress.

Prompted by smug glow that I like a song Amelia – my trendy 13 year old – is listening to (does this mean she’ll regard me less as old bag and more boho?) I approach to enquire who it is.

‘Mum’, she says with a resigned sigh, ‘they’re showcasing really, really old stuff today, how would I know who this is’.

It’s a hypothetical question; I can tell by the tone.

I want to tell her she needs to be thankful that – despite living in Africa – I do at least know that shoulder pads and Ra Ra skirts are out.

I could be a lot more embarrassing than I already am.


3 Responses to “The pitfalls of trying to be a hip mum”

  1. problemchildbride Says:

    We, as mothers, are doomed to become unhip and tragic in the eyes of our young. It was ever thus. But I say, if you’re going to do something, you should endeavour to do it well. At the first sign of an eye-roll or a pitying glance from my girls, I’m going all out and donning a and rollers for the following 5 years.

  2. problemchildbride Says:

    That would be a muumuu I was donning.

  3. R.Sherman Says:

    I recently had the same experience with my soon-to-be sixteen year old about Led Zeppelin. When I was 16, that bad was “alternative.” Now, I’m told it’s “oldies.”


    (BTW, I got you up on my sidebar and wrote about you today.)

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