Home again

Home, to:

A car that must go directly back to Mr Koga’s to languish for another three days despite having spent the best part of the past week languishing in same;

a powercut in it’s 36th hour;

a pile of stinking laundry (four of us away from home for five days equates to same amount of smelly washing as one person over almost three weeks) on account of still broken washing machine;

a sick cow.

So why do I feel so deliriously happy, so overwhelmed with gratitude and relief?

Because we have a chance to start again.

We found a house in the Outpost. Along with wine and olive oil. It belongs to the local Bishop. It’s not ideal. But it will become an Ideal Home once filled with our kids, clutter and noise.

The Bishop and we held lengthy negotiations about the significant improvements we proposed making to his property – at our own expense. And – having grudgingly agreed – he promptly put the rent up. Further negotiations followed as regards the price of the tray of eggs that we also bought from him at a vastly inflated price. The Bishop clearly has God on his side.

And then, because I had to get back to the children and because my husband likes scrambled egg on hot buttered toast we piled into the car and drove five hours to Mwanza, a sprawling city on the shores of Lake Victoria, so that husband could buy butter and I could board a plane and fly home.

Home to a broken car, a sick cow, piles of dirty washing and no power but ironically a light at the end of what’s been a long and very dark tunnel.


2 Responses to “Home again”

  1. Gillian Says:

    Lovely to hear you so happily forward-looking. Even if it is fairly temporary!

    I hope you manage the daunting things on your list, without falling apart TOO often. Sending all my best good wishes — and my hopes that the Outpost brings you the relief and rewards that your family is ready for.

  2. reluctantmemsahib Says:

    Thank you Gillian. I hope I don’t fall apart either. Funny how lights at end of tunnels can help one to keep it together, however loosely?

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