Ameila announced in the car en route to school this morning – as she was admiring her new piercing in my rear view mirror by craning neck and practically sitting on my lap – ‘I’ve got detention today’.

Why? I asked

Because I didn’t sign my homework diary.

You? You! You’re not supposed to sign your homework diary, I am.

Ben is eyerolling in the back seat. He observes rules with the same doggedness that Amelia flagrantly breaks every one. He’d never dare pierce his ear (even if he felt inclined) and he wouldn’t dream of forging my signature in his homework diary.

Not madam beside me here though.

She giggles. Well, she says, you’re always too busy.

I ask whether the street cred she will surely acquire on account of new piercing will be compromised by fact she has to spend 45 minutes in detention sanding down old school furniture.

‘Nah’, she says confidently, ‘it’ll add to it; it’ll mean I’m a really Bad, Bad Girl. And when my mates know how I pierced my ear, they’ll all be asking me to do the same for them and I can charge them and set up an body-piercing business’.

God help me.


6 Responses to “Caught!”

  1. Gorilla Bananas Says:

    Naughty Amelia! Pinch her cheeks for me! What are the schools like in your locality?

  2. R.Sherman Says:

    It only gets worse as they get older.


  3. Tim Says:

    Getting detention will teach her never to be late with another important forgery! What else does she expect? 🙂

  4. Tim Says:

    The road to riches: “Ameila’s Body Piercing and Forgery Services”

  5. Carolyn Says:

    She’s a very funny girl.

  6. Minx Says:

    This sounds vaguely familiar – I think I have one of these.

    Mine has red (from a bottle) hair, a pierced eyebrow and is just about to attack his lower lip. At the same age I had blue hair, double pierced ears and only ever wore black. He also inherited my talent for forgery, so what can I say? I turned out all right, I think!

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