Dr Juma’s Magic Medicine

My sister, who lives in Nairobi, has sent me a photograph which advertises the diverse services offered by a bush doctor. Apart from assisting patients with the more usual ailments including vomiting (albeit rather drastically, ‘all the time;) and diarrhea, Dr Juma professes to be able to assist if you are bewitched, have a swollen body, have lost a lover or have any misunderstandings with anybody. He can also – according to his crude marketing – assist with debt demands, court cases and even ‘make men’s pennis strong’. He promotes himself, worrying and ambiguously, as a ‘casino specialist’ (one would like to assume this means he helps people with a gambling addiction but perhaps he suffers one himself?) but dodgiest of all – and something that would certainly have him struck from any register anywhere else – he offers help for ‘customer attraction’ which would suggest he has first hand experience of same?


One Response to “Dr Juma’s Magic Medicine”

  1. Minx Says:

    I am glad you did not join up your last two posts. Finding a strong pennis after fourteen hours in the dark may be enough to make anyone long for an outpost!

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