Cut Off

Phone has been cut off at home; bound to happen eventually: like everything else pertaining to the farm, phone bills outstanding too and finally national phone company copped onto the fact and unceremoniously cut me off.

When I try to dial out now – which I have to do to connect to internet since no such luxury as broadband connection – I get terse little message in Kiswahili informing me in no uncertain terms that I have been disconnected, ‘pay your bill’ I am sternly told.

From now on it’s going to be the intermittent internet cafes in town. None of which work today so have begged half an hour from wealthy Indian shop keeper instead. 

His secretary is lurking, to let me know how busy and important she is and so I’d best not waffle. Instead shall try to feel inspired to write about something other than communication interruptions when I get back home (am on school run now …) and transport whatever I manage to scribble on flash pen back to internet cafe tomorrow.

Providing, of course, that the power obliges and I can turn my computer on …

One Response to “Cut Off”

  1. Carolyn Says:

    Oh… I had similar internet issues when I lived in Port Moresby. A regular dilemma was: Do I go to work and risk it being on? Do I go to funding body office and risk sleazy project officer being there? Do I go to expensive hotel and sell a kidney?

    I hope the internet cafe is working soon!

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