Rain, rain go away

It’s raining today. Big rain. Rain that soaks the atmosphere so completely it’s like living inside a sponge. It’s taken the power at home with it.

 So. I’m in town. I battled down streets like rivers. The storm drains are all blocked so the water simply tumbles over the obstacles and onto the roads. It was like navigating the Ganges. I’m suprised I didn’t see life boats out there. Except that this is Africa, of course, and if there were life boats, they’d all have holes in them and be out of action anyway.

 I felt sorry for small cars struggling through the deluge. In European cities – and particularly in certain London Boroughs – mothers have 4x4s to let the rest of the world know how well their merchant banker and solicitor husbands are doing. Here most of us need a 4×4 just to do the school run because otherwise – during the rains – we’d be housebound.  Or washed downriver if we attempted it in anything smaller than a tank.


One Response to “Rain, rain go away”

  1. Equiano Says:

    Don’t get me started on 4X4s. I’ve nothing against them in a rural setting (or one where the streets warrant it!), but I get SO annoyed when I see one on a city street. Goes with the botox…

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