Really annoying

There is a woman at the computer beside me in Hamisi’s internet cafe checking her emails (I have just snuck a peek at what she’s doing: heading a message ‘allo’ which seems odd since she is Tanzanian). She is accompanied by a friend who obviously isn’t as accomplished a navigator of cyberspace as her mate – who is busily showing off to her – for she is leaning in to watch what she’s doing wearing a gratifyingly impressed expression. I wouldn’t mind that. But I really, really mind her singing. That’s really annoying.

So I’m going now. To school. To see Hattie’s class presentation on Human Rights (her own is on apartheid and Nelson Mandela) and to peruse Amelia’s form’s Science Fair. In her project Amelia has tried to identify through which medium children learn best : the written word, a teacher or via the screen. I’m not sure. All I know is that its bloody hard to concentrate on anything (book, a human or the screen) with somebody singing.


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