Online. At last.

This is third internet cafe I have visited this morning.

At first there was no power (that was gratifying; always nice to know you’re not sole victim of power cuts).

At second one I tried, there was power. But only for as long as I had time to enquire whether internet worked; they confirmed it did and then power went off. They all clucked with irritation (I – by contrast – swore loudly). I asked when it’d be back on. I might as well have enquired as to length of piece of string and frankly I have no idea why I bothered anyway; I know from tedious experience that a power cut could last anything from two minutes to two days.

Had trouble leaving second internet cafe since man attempting to extricate himself from car park ahead of me clearly could not drive. I know it’s childish but I hit the horn several times anyway just to sound off my irritation. This – not suprisingly – flustered him and the three point turn he was attempting to make in order to get out turned into a 157 point turn which took quite a long time.

Third time – and a 15 mile drive later – and I hit lucky. I’m online. And I suppose – if nothing else – adventures getting here have at least given me something to write about?


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