Village life

The fete was an enormous success. Partly because it was all so novel. But largely because the girls were able to buy books and other’s people’s rubbish for less than a pound. I don’t know if they haggled prices as they would do in a market at home. I was afraid to listen. Instead I just revelled in their joy at purchasing – amongst other things – candles, earrings, a large china goose and a rather horrid little ship made of shells – at bargain prices. Ben bought five raffle tickets having persuaded himself he was bound to win the £100 first prize. He didn’t.

The Red Arrows flew over the village before the fete began. Amelia insisted we walk to the village green to watch them. Trying to persuade her that we’d see them from any point in the (enormous) sky above the (small) village proved futile. The children and I made our way up the lane to the green and mid way heard a huge roar above us. We all ducked (as you do).

What was that? the children gasped.

The Red Arrows, apparently. We missed them.

In the evening my aunt and uncle, who live next door to mum, popped in on a new neighbour to welcome them to the village. It transpired they’d been living here for twelve years and had merely moved house. I thought that was screamingly funny. Had this been Africa, not only would you have known them in the first few weeks, you’d have had them round, been invited back, bitched endlessly about them and wept copiously when they moved on. Perhaps in Africa we need people more but our tolerance only extends so far; newcomers are welcomed with alacrity into communities but this doesn’t mean they’re safe from merciless gossips with not enough to do other than order tea from ranks of uniformed staff.

Today I can enjoy the Sunday papers. A noted luxury. The Sunday Times isn’t the same online; you can’t hear the rustle of newsheet and nor are you obliged to spread out on the floor as you read. Bliss.

One Response to “Village life”

  1. Eliza Says:

    Hello there….checking in from sunny Arusha. Lovely to hear of your travels, and that you made it to the UK safely. Rains seem to have stopped here finally, evenings chilly but mornings lovely and fresh. Enjoy the papers, and those long light evenings!! Did you get the Sat Times?? and….?
    Love to you all xx

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