Plumbing and post-it notes

I am recovering today. From an operation. Plumbing. We women have superfluous pipes that, at a certain age, apparently develop problems. I hadn’t meant to have an operation whilst on holiday but given where I live (in an outpost of note) and given faulty plumbing that persisted, it seemed sensible not to argue with doctor. I’m not allowed home for ten days – which means I have to delay my return. Which makes me sad: I miss husband, dogs, cross cats and even incessant cry of muezzin competing loudly with jangle of church bells.

I hate operations and hospitals. I hate the disinfected smell of wards: I hate it so much I fainted once going to visit a friend who’d had his wisdom teeth out. And my own intimate experience with same is no better. I whinged like mad when I came round about pain so they gave me morphine. Which I readily accepted despite knowing I’d been dosed with something else before waking up. Morphine didn’t work so I whinged some more so they gave me something to swallow. I reacted badly to that and passed out. That shut me up; I stopped whinging then, put up with the pain and watched telly.

Today I’m skulking about with anaesthetic hangover. I plan to take a leaf out of Hattie’s book later . She – not content with trawling ailes of Tesco and the numerous other stores we have been to in last two weeks – has developed a passion for a door stop sized Argos catalogue; she shops from her bed. Frankly I think it’s a wise passion for any woman to develop, though Hat’s taste needs a little honing. She wants a plastic pink door bell for her bedroom door. I don’t want to be a kill joy or sound like a snob so how do I explain I can’t buy it without saying, ‘don’t be so common, darling’. She has earmarked everything on her wish-list with little strips of yellow post it notes, so that the catalogue looks like a hefty research tool. It occurs to me now that the door bell mightn’t match the fun of her catalogue browsing, perhaps I’ll just suggest she looks for something else.

Anyway, off now to fill up my hot water bottle and find that catalogue to do a little in-bed browing myself …

5 Responses to “Plumbing and post-it notes”

  1. The Good Woman Says:

    Oh Dear. Really Mem, you’re in my thoughts. Take care and try to just enjoy the drugs… and the shopping!

  2. Roberta Says:

    I’m wishing you a full and quick recovery! Lucky your plumbing went on the fritz while in range of a good hospital. I look forward to reading about your return home.

  3. R. Sherman Says:

    Do rest up and get well.


  4. reluctantmemsahib Says:

    Thank you all, am much, much better today. Have managed soujourn to the shops to buy chocolate cake and books. perfect.

  5. Carolyn Says:

    Take care, and I hope you’re well and resting properly. Chocolate cake and books galore.

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