Leaving on a Jet Plane

I have just received two things which have made me feel a little better – and a lot braver – about impending departure from a place where telephone always works, rooms are bathed in light with the flick of a switch and taps emit healthy gush when you turn them on. My return to back of beyond where the phone rarely works, electricity is often cut and all that comes out of taps on most days is a miserable little gurgle accompanied by spiteful spit of something that looks uncomfortably like bile but is, in fact, filthy water, is a trifle intimidating after four weeks of living in England; I’ve become soft about the edges, literally and metaphorically.

So receiving a Rockin Girl Blogger award from Insteadi http://insteadi.blogspot.com and a Still-To-Be-Named award from the Good Woman has inspired me to bite my lip, put my head down and get on with it.  I shall try not to think about the encouraging little text husband sent to tell me there is almost no water at home, that the lawn I was trying to get started has curled up and died and that my internet connection still isn’t working so I shall be cut off until I’ve waged war on those responsible. Or, more probably, bribed them.  Instead I shall focus on the bigger picture: that, for all its frustrations, I am going home. That shopping in a market, haggling over the price of tomatoes in Kiswahili is, because I’m used to it, less overwhelming that selecting shampoo in Tesco. That taking up my eternal challenge to become a culinary whizz with the barest of minimum is something I’ve become rather good at (the challenge, not the actual cooking you understand).

So. I’m leaving. Today. On a jet plane. With my three children, five huge bags and a credit card that looks like it could use a holiday. Which it’ll be getting; nothing to buy where I’m going (except those tomatoes, of course). 36 hours from now I shall be Home. And I sincerely hope my luggage will be too; husband has ordered 3 kgs of kippers, which won’t smell nice if they get waylaid in Nairobi, Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar or Dar en route.

Please don’t go away; I’ll be back.



4 Responses to “Leaving on a Jet Plane”

  1. R. Sherman Says:

    Safe travels. My family is in Germany at the moment for a month with in-laws.


  2. Carolyn Says:

    Good luck with the travels, and I’ll look forward to reading more of your adventures!

  3. retrocolonialmama Says:

    Guess it must be ‘welome back’ by now:) Now will it be green peppers OR cabbage in the market this week!

  4. The Good Woman Says:

    Well Mem. You should be home by now and all this silence is making me a bit fearful of what was waiting for you. Just to add to your troubles, I’ve tagged you – failure to respond will not, however, have any negative results.

    Thinking of you

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