Road to Nowhere?


There are two roads into and out of the Outpost.

 One looks like this.

 The other looks exactly the same.


8 Responses to “Road to Nowhere?”

  1. Sophie Says:

    Were you in the earthquake that the BBC reported?

    A concerned reader of your blog,

  2. Iota Says:

    Hi Reluctant Memsahib

    I’ve given you an award. I don’t know if you’re into that kind of thing, or too eminent a writer for mere blog awards, but I think you thoroughly deserve it. Do feel free to do with it what you will. Sadly, you can’t collect it from my blog, as I am so hopeless technically that I can’t even upload the picture, and my children are going to starve and not get collected from places unless I go RIGHT NOW. I will sort that out later. But you could collect it from if you like.

    It is very well deserved. I love your blog.

    Those roads really look quite a challenge.

  3. The Good Woman Says:

    And both are equally beautiful – in that dusty, sand track kind of way Africa does so well.

  4. roberta Says:

    Hmmmm…Looks like my road before “they” paved. Everytime we lose power the water goes off because it can’t be pumped up the hill. I’m used to it. A few well placed calls and a frequent “this is a dire emergency, I have people coming!” usually does the trick.

    p.s. I too capture rain water, but not as frequently as I used too.

  5. reluctantmemsahib Says:

    Iota, I am so not too eminent a writer to be thrilled by any kind of recognition or applause; thank you so much. Love that you are apparently as technically challenged as I: that I can now get pictures onto my blog feels like an accomplishment of gargantuan dimensions. My kids think I’m pathetic!

    I know Good Woman: they are beautiful roads, long. And bumpy. But it means you are less likely to miss the roadside chameleons.

    Roberta, I need to make friends in High Places here – in Arusha I used to ring Dominic every time there was a power blip. Ben did suggest I ring him this week, I suggested that given fact we were about 600 miles from Arusha, probably wouldn’t help.

  6. reluctantmemsahib Says:

    Sophie – thank you for your concern, that’s kind. No – I’m miles and miles from where earthquake hit. It struck near the Namanga border between Kenya and Tanzania (about 700 odd miles from me). My friend Caroline who lives near there rang to tell me all about it – no damage she said, just alot of very scary vigorous shaking. This isn’t typically earthquake country but that’s the 3rd in as many weeks I understand. A school friend of my eldest daughter sent her a text to tell her abut it and told her that Mt Meru, near epicentre of quake, and an until now extinct volcano, was ‘undormanting’ …

  7. retrocolonialmama Says:

    mem, my best friend is the tanesco main lawyer, let me know where you are and i can get you the man to speak to!

  8. R. Sherman Says:

    I’ve not been here in a few days and have enjoyed catching up.


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