An Experiment

Hypothesis: to see if what Husband says – that long shower will still use significantly less water than even the shallowest bath – is in fact true.

Method: stood under shower which is erected over bath, put plug in bath, turned water on, washed self from head to toe using exfoliator mitts bought in Boots meant to reduce cellulite on thighs and bum and make me look like Elle McPherson (aka The Body), shaved legs, shampoo’d and conditioned hair (a rare treat which explains why I usually look more like Worzel Gummidge than what used to look like when resided in land of living). Turned taps off. Got out. Towelled self dry. Noted – with some measure of disappointment – that I still looked like Gummidge and not a bit like The Body.

Result: I had – indeed – used only a fraction of the water that children and I used when we shared a bath (not altogether, obviously, one at a time, in quick succession so water – which only had time to go from warm to tepid not warm to ice-cold – got scummier by the body – not The Body, as noted with sadness above – which meant Ben got out dirtier than he got in)

Additional anticipated but somewhat irksome result: Husband is right.

Further experiments: Husband says he can shower with less water than I. This is not suprising: he does not need to exfoliate or shave acres of body and nor does he have long masquerading-as-blonde-hair to wash.

Reason for mindless experimentation such as this: When you have to stand over a patch of dust and dribble water from a hosepipe onto it to coax some semblance of ”lawn” from its arid depths, you will understand why.


2 Responses to “An Experiment”

  1. Sasha Says:

    But did husband take into account the fact that bathwater is re-used 3 times, so 4 showers would be far more water than your experiment produced … unless kids bathed in your shower water I guess. But no need to mention that!! LOL

    We used to live on an island with serious water issues when I was a kid (one of 4). I know what you mean about getting out of bath dirtier than when you went in! Heaven was when it rained and the tanks overflowed, and you could grab your bar of soap and shower under the overflow!

  2. Iota Says:

    Ah yes, but does emotional satisfaction of bath over shower count for nothing? (This comment comes, obviously, from someone who has never lived anywhere where scarcity of water was a big issue, except Britain, summer of 1976).

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