Slovenly in the name of saving water

Today’s a water day: that means I get it. And everybody gets into action. Filling tanks and manning hosepipes. James and the unlikely named Sylvester, who help me in the ‘garden’, splash water over the ”lawn” and toss handfuls of fertilizer to try to encourage some growth and greenery. Sylvester is undoubtedly an optimist; he wears wellies whilst he works. James and I, on the other hand, toil bare footed because there is never enough water to make for mud, sadly. Every drop is sucked greedily up by parched earth.

Because it’s a water day it seemed appropriate to put a load in the washing machine.

Until I realised there was no dirty laundry to load. Clearly my children have taken my lectures about how precious water is several steps too far: they are apparently not changing their clothes as often as would perhaps be wise.

5 Responses to “Slovenly in the name of saving water”

  1. MisssyM Says:

    And to think that all people have talked (complained) about this summer in the UK is too much water…..

    Oh and the not changing their clothes thing- that’s a worldwide movement, I’m afraid. My son Indy is a soap and water dodger extraordinaire and would love a legitimate excuse!

  2. Carolyn Says:

    Oh no! That’s hilarious. So what did you do? Did the lawn get it all, or did you save it?

  3. Stay at home dad Says:

    Good on them! Sounds like Gloucestershire at the moment (believe it or not). Baking heat and bowsers by the roadside…

  4. reluctantmemsahib Says:

    MissyM – yes, a teenage boy thing, certainly. Will he discover the joys of bathing, I wonder, when he discovers girls? Hat has a joke: how do you keep your pocket money safe from your big brother? You hide it under the soap.

    Yay! the lawn got some. Not enough to justify Sylvester’s wellies. But enough to look damp.

    SAHD – no, I can’t believe it: you were all under water two minutes ago. Where did it all go, I wonder – not my way sadly.

  5. Back Again … | Reluctant Memsahib Says:

    […] You still can’t get a cappuccino, a head of highlights or a pedicure. But you can buy butter, water is shunted down the pipes and out of taps more frequently and there are more like me. Expat wives. A […]

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