Look what I got!


Look what I came home to – apart from dead chickens, of course – a gong. From Drunk Mummy. Thanks DM. Certainly offered a Bright Side. As you suggested, dusted off posh frock and minced down red carpet beaming bashfully.  Will probably be the only occassion am ever likely to be in need of posh frock in Outpost but certainly worth every second. 

Having briefly basked in glory, unzipped self and traded frock for thinking cap, I’m going to nominate Primal Sneeze for a Thoughtful Blogger Award; she’s said very kind things about both home school and the inevitablity of boarding. And she frequently makes me laugh. Thanks primalsneeze.

2 Responses to “Look what I got!”

  1. Primal Sneeze Says:

    I’m not into these award thingies, but I’m truly flattered, Mem.

    Yet, I must point out, that eh, em, eh, but I’m most definitely a HE not a SHE.

    Talk about keeping one’s real identity a secret on the Internet! This takes the biscuit altogether.

    Anyway, I am flattered. Thanks very many.

  2. reluctantmemsahib Says:

    Oh how hilarious. I do apologise. I’m going to award you another now though – even tho you’re not into such things – best kept secret! sorry, sorry, sorry.

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