The court case for the accident was held yesterday.  Abdallah was – as we knew – in the clear (though in Africa, given rife corruption, one can never be absolutely confident that evidence alone will be sufficient; police reports and pictures might be a waste of time in the face of an opportunist judge).

The driver of the other vehicle, which swerved right across the road into our path, was not in possession of any of the appropriate paperwork. Nor was his car insured. He was fined T.Shs 30,000/- which equates to just over ten quid, or 20 bucks.

I expect that taught him a lesson. I expect that with such hefty fines we can all rest assured Africa’s roads are going to be safer places.

I wish.


4 Responses to “Justice?”

  1. mwanafunzi Says:

    You are lucky that the case reached a verdict in court otherwise it would have ended in traffic police’s bottomless pockets. i hope your vehicle was insured fully otherwise those third party don’t work in africa. good luck on repairing your car..or replacing if it is a write-off.

  2. R. Sherman Says:

    No restitution? Too bad.

  3. Iota Says:

    Yes, I was wondering who was going to pay for your car.

    Speedy justice, though. I am just about to get a cheque for damages from an accident 19 months ago, and that hasn’t been to court, which would obviously have delayed it considerably. It’s a small claim, really no great shakes, and no claim for on-going expenses so all done and dusted well over a year ago. Apparently this is a fairly swift settlement by the standards of the industry.

    Your court case might have been speedy, but don’t be surprised if the physical and emotional effects last a good bit longer than you expect.

  4. reluctantmemsahib Says:

    Iota; I am finding that. I seem to be unravelling … it’s oddly reassuring to hear that perhaps that’s to be expected.

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