Food always tastes better outside

So we went camping. His Nibs, little Hat, assorted of Hat’s soft toys, two dogs and I.

We drove from home in Outpost even further out (I didn’t think there was a further out; there is – I spent the weekend there). We drove to the Middle of Nowhere and pitched our tent.


Middle of Nowhere was actually the shores of Lake Chaya, dry now, save a few pools sporting a carpet of purple, pink and yellow lilies and a plethora of birdlife: herons and egret and rare saddle bill stork. We found a shady acacia and pitched camp beneath that and a huge sky.

We made tea once the tent was up and ate biscuits. Then we briefly walked and listened to the evening cacophany of a quarellsome quartet of turaco. Hat collected seeds to use as catty ammo.  Her father had made her the catapult the week before. What will you use it for, I wanted to know. To murder mozzis, she told me. Then laughed, no, I want to hit tin cans in the garden. She was only practising in the Middle of Nowhere, she said. 

hats-catty.jpg                                  contemplating-her-catty.jpg

The sun sank, the turuaco shut up, a delicate sliver of moon slid skywards and the darkness fell with the silence. It is hard to remember when I heard such quiet (do we hear quiet? or do we hear the absence of sound that renders it quiet?) and it was heavenly. 


We cooked dinner over the coals – corn cobs and sausages – and crept to bed under canvas


And in the morning when we woke to a chilly grey sky which a scarlet sun was rushing to warm as it scrabbled out of the shadows and above the clouds, we cooked again – bacon and eggs – and drank smokey coffee and thought how good food tastes outside.


And then we drove the 100 miles out of the Middle of Nowhere and back to the (relatively) bustling metropolis that is the Outpost.

And Hat slept all the way home.


2 Responses to “Food always tastes better outside”

  1. R. Sherman Says:

    Just one quick question: Don’t you worry about the beasties sneaking into camp in the middle of the night? When we camp in the Rockies, we have to cook and hang the food a minimum of 100 meters from the sleeping area because of wolves and bears. I can’t imagine worrying about all the large felines in the area.


  2. Roberta Says:

    These pictures of Hat are adorable.

    I have to admit, somewhere upstairs in my Hope chest are two of those sling shots. My brother was in Africa when my boys were small. He brought them home sling shots made by some chieftan and rocks from a quarry.

    I must remember to get them out and give them to the boys, now that they can not destroy them.

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