Bob’ll Fix It

My sister, a teacher and mother of three, sends a text:

have book festival at school tomorrow. meant 2 go as a character from a book. am going as Wendy; Bob the Builder’s mate.

I am very impressed. Indeed I’m so impressed that my sister may just as well be going to school bookfest as character from pages of a book with infinitely more literary weight than Bob the Builder.  Dressing the part of a contemporary charcater (unless you’re going as Harry Potter, of course) is much more difficult than dressing up as – say – Cleopatra or Tinkerbell.

What does Wendy wear? I want to know.

A hard hat, jeans and a sign on her back, according to my sister:  I can’t fix it; ask Bob.

5 Responses to “Bob’ll Fix It”

  1. Potty Mummy Says:

    Don’t forget the pony-tail and most importantly, the earrings. An essential for any woman working on a building site, I would have thought.

  2. iota Says:

    And a mobile phone.

    The timing of your post is perfect, as only yesterday I got a Bob the Builder dvd out of the library with a “never seen before” episode on it: Ballroom Bob. I can tell you that when Wendy is out of an evening ballroom dancing , she wears a rather close-fitting blue sparkly dress, and has a lot more in the bust department than her work gear suggests. But it wouldn’t really work if your sister turned up in a slinky evening gown, would it?

  3. Carol Says:

    Hello – it’s ‘Wendy’ here (a.k.a little sis), The book festival was great. I did feel rather childish coming as Wendy but it was the easiest as kids already had the hard hat, tool belt and tools. I didn’t do earrings – and my hair is too short to put in a pony-tail… and as for mobile phones – it was in my pocket but we’re not allowed to use them in lessons! I wasn’t sure people would realise who I was – so put a sign on my front saying ‘don’t expect me to fix it…’ and on the back ‘ask Bob’ – but still think some of my students are quite daft as I had Bobs theme song being sang at me all day – and when I said I wasn’t Bob they looked gobsmacked….

  4. Carol Says:

    Oh yes – and my kids all had to go to school in fancy dress too. So we had action man, miss pink (?!) and batman – my three year old daughter in her batman pyjamas (hand downs of her elder brother) and then a bright pink jacket and bright pink shoes. When I asked her if she was Batman – the retort was NO – he doesn’t wear pink – I’m BATGIRL!

  5. reluctantmemsahib Says:

    Wendy – you see that from Iota about the sparkly ballgown? You know for next time. Potty Mummy; think Wendy replied on the earring and mobile phone thing. How stupid of you to suggest Batgirl was Batman – Duh!

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