Cure for a Broken Heart?

Last night I watched a television commercial: two girls are comforting a third, their arms about her, expressions concerned as she sniffs and weeps into her hankerchief. She has, it transpires, been dumped by her boyfriend – James, I think.

Between sobs Broken Heart’s friends faces suddenly brighten with the light bulb moment of a brilliant idea and they proffer a box of muesli. Hey presto, Broken Heart wolfs down a bowl of ”deluxe ingredients” and minces out in red cocktail dress and high heels snarling, ”James? Who’s James?”

It’s not the speed at which she manages to shrug off the love rat, it’s the bloody cereal that gets me. I’ve had my fair share of Broken Heart moments, tears spilling down (much younger) cheeks as girlfriends in London offered kind (actually quite man-damning) words and solace. Which never, ever came in form of oats, nuts and blueberries. Wine, whiskey, chocolate and fags, yes, never a bowl of sodding muesli. That wouldn’t have done the trick at all.


7 Responses to “Cure for a Broken Heart?”

  1. Tom Says:

    I know advertisers THINK we’re that stupid. What I want to know is ARE we that stupid. Present company excluded of course

  2. mystic rose Says:

    :). comfort in health food? nah!! but then atleast one would be ready for the next one without a sagging body.

  3. Mapesbury Mum Says:

    You lush!!

  4. iota Says:

    “Muesli, the great healer.” No. It doesn’t have a ring to it.

  5. Potty Mummy Says:

    Must confess that I used to work in an industry related to advertising. I would just love to have been a fly on the wall in the copy meeting when they OK’d it.

    ‘No, we can’t go with the muesli saving the world story – no blue underpants small enough for the raisins…
    And the muesli in space won’t fly, we can’t persuade Branson to lend us his shuttle. Apparantly he’s worried about nuts in the upholstery…
    As for that idea about a family sitting round a table enjoying it, who are we kidding? You just don’t get families sitting round tables anymore – not outside ‘Brothers and Sisters’, anyway…
    It’s going to have be the James story. Definitely the most believable. Just make sure you show plenty of cleavage in the red dress.’

    Sorry – am I rambling?

  6. reluctantmemsahib Says:

    Naturally Tom; present company excluded.

    mystic rose; I guess – but muesli …?!

    Thanks MM x

    No iota, it really doesn’t, does it?

    Great Potty Mummy, very funny. I hadn’t considered they might have had options, it’s only now that I consider how really bad the others must have been. Btw tried to post a comment on your latest Domestic Bliss post, no joy (? why? does anybody know why a non blogspot blogger can’t comment or am I just astonishingly stupid). My man also away this week. I don’t really know where they go. I think its supposed to be somewhere important. I think the key is to feign much interest and delight at their return whilst appearing quite vague?

  7. Potty Mummy Says:

    Definitely RM – the interest and delight is mandatory, although I do find that having 2 small boys is a useful smokescreen as they really are delighted at his return. As am I, of course. And I just love the accompanying laundry…

    Not sure why you couldn’t post – will look into it as I don’t get so many comments I can afford to miss one!

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