Cut Off

For several hours this morning the telephone did not work. Not just the land line but my cell phone and the last resort mobile wireless phone I have as backup in the event land line fails and no credit on cell. Fat lot of good that was then.

Given that I was due to file a story with a newspaper editor the total lack of communication threw me into something of a panic. Newspapers editors have little truck for journalists who plead isolation and email failure, using such an excuse would elicit a response like, ‘there are plenty more freelancers out there who could have made a plan …’.

So I tried to make a plan. I drove to husband’s office (husband himself is away on business this week) and asked the secretary ,Verynice, if her internet was working. (Verynice really is her name, I’m not making this up, the first time I was introduced to her, ”and this is Verynice, the office secretary …”, I waited for a Margaret or Grace, assuming I’d heard “and this is our very nice office secretary” but no, that was it: Verynice).  No, said Verynice, no comms here either.

I could have driven to the nearest town (nearest as in closest on the map, not nearest as in nearby) but that would have meant 3 hours on a dirt road which my car would have battled with.

Given that at the moment the national airline has arrested all flights in and out of the Outpost it dawned on me that Hat and I were, only briefly, thankfully, utterly stranded in the middle of nowhere; unable to get out, unable to summon anybody to our rescue, unable to send sodding story.

Mercifully by lunchtime communication had been restored, I filed my piece and settled down to a happy hour browsing titles at Amazon.

God this is a surreal existence at times.

12 Responses to “Cut Off”

  1. Roberta Says:

    How utterly delicious to be totally isolated. Makes you appreciate communications when you have them back!

  2. Potty Mummy Says:

    It sounds like the perfect place to take Husband on holiday, since it seems unlikely his beloved Blackberry will work. We went to Mauritius last summer, suggested by me after being told by a friend that there was no coverage there. Needless to say, to his relief, the problem had been sorted by the time we got there.


    (Have left another comment on your muesli post, btw)

  3. Misssy M Says:

    THAT would enrage me. If the internet goes down I sit in the corner whining and rocking til Meeester fixes it.

  4. reluctantmemsahib Says:

    Roberta – unless, of course, you spend most of your time in splendid isolation … but I was enormsouly relieved and appreciative to have them back. Did a small dance which only confirmed to Sylvster the garden boy that I really am mad as Hatter.

    PM – sadly feel there are very few places left where one can’t get coverage on hols; though husband informed me on phone last night that place he’s going to be tonight has no coverage (rare, even here) …

    I think MisssyM that’s because he doesn’t want me phoning him to whine about compromised communications … It did enrage me. Hugely.

  5. R. Sherman Says:

    This is where someone makes an obligatory reference to “character building.” I won’t do that, but I would recommend that beer be kept handy for such occurrences.


  6. reluctantmemsahib Says:

    Oh there’s always beer, Mr Sherman, always beer. And thank you for not saying Character Building. Had my character been shored up by the experience I would not have cussed as much …

  7. iota Says:

    Verynice. Why didn’t I think of that for my daughter? I mean, all those virtue names have come back big time: Faith, Hope, Grace. She’d have fitted right in with Verynice. And if she didn’t like the meaning, she could choose to disguise it by changing the pronounciation to Verr-a-nee-chay.

    I missed a trick.

  8. reluctantmemsahib Says:

    Verr-a-nee-chay. Wonderful. Except there’d be a danger she’d be dubbed Verruca …?

  9. retrocolonialmama Says:

    note to you, get AFSAT satellite internet, only reliable internet connection in TZ! website now live! please let me know what you think! How’s home schooling going?

  10. minx Says:

    My mum is called Joy, we should have happier names really.

    How awful to be cut off – I would send you chocolate for the withdrawal symptoms if I thought it would get to you!

  11. Roberta Says:

    Oh dear. Have you been cut off again???

  12. reluctantmemsahib Says:

    Thank v much Retro C, will check it out – the afsat and your site. homeschooling good, largely thanks to Hat who makes it easier than it might be.

    I agree Minx; happy names are good. And Verynice really is very nice. A honey. Thanks. Chocolate would be lovely, but you’re quite right, it probably wouldn’t get to me.

    Back on, Roberta, back on – yay!

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