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Only in Africa …

December 6, 2007

Husband – along with several dozen others including a handful of earnest Japanese who are here to plant trees and simultaneously save Africa – spent yesterday in company of Minister for Environment . 

How was your day I enquired politely as I poured him a beer – in manner of dutiful 1950’s wife – when he got home (I’d have got his slippers too were living in the Outpost not reminiscent of residing inside at kiln at present).

Crap, he said.


It started late because we all had to wait for the Minister to finish eating his breakfast, then we piled into about 23 Land Cruisers and tore across the bush – so much for the Environment – and then one idiot, driving much too fast in his shiny new 4×4, rolled which slowed up the proceedings all over again.

Oh gosh, I say, was anybody hurt?

No, but there were a few dazed, confused and dusty Japanese rubbing their heads.