Kenya’s great hope?

John Kofi Agyekum Kufuor, President of Ghana and the head of the African Union is expected in Kenya today to help break the policical deadlock. Kufuor is an Oxford graduate; he studied law and earned a masters in philisophy, politics and economics.  Clearly an academic man, he is decribed as a poor orator but a great listener, who never vacillates once his mind is mind up. At over 6ft with a heavy build he is, encouragingly, dubbed Ghana’s ”gentle giant”.

So far so good.

His pet hates, however, include arrogance and self centredness. How, then is he going to get along with two men who want the front door keys to State House as badly as each other, more, in fact, than peace, security and prosperity for their people judging by the blame game that forces more and more Kenyans into the lives of refugees.

The taxi driver with whom I correspond sends a text message:

”The worry still lingers high, there is another rally tomorrow. I am tired”.

I hope Kufuor can bring succour, there’s alot riding on his visit.


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