Back to School

Tomorrow, before dawn, six of us will squeeze into the car with an indecent amount of luggage, a picnic brunch, some bedding (because one cannot expect even the best hostesses’ linen cupboards to stretch to accomodating a brood of six without supplementing sheets and towels) and we will drive the 750 klm towards school in the north.

Mum will fly back to England on Sunday. And the big kids will go back to boarding school on Monday and we three, Hat, Husband and I will turn tail and drive the 750 klm home early on Tuesday.

The car will be quieter. Our brunch will be a rather solitary and solemn affair and there will be leftovers for the first time in a month.

Just as there will be too many dry towels.


5 Responses to “Back to School”

  1. R. Sherman Says:

    Safe trip to all.


  2. Mzungu Chick Says:

    Have a safe drive RM and hope the kids have a good term X

  3. Iota Says:

    Oh. An end to the strewing. Poor you. Safe trip.

  4. Potty Mummy Says:

    I sympathise. And I’ve only lost the youngest one to nursery 3 mornings a week… Can’t imagine how quiet it will seem. Still, I imagine Hat will say something pithy and apposite before long.

  5. panu Says:

    Ah well… was going through this blog. I like it.

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