Spiritual Exfoliation

guineapigmum has had an articulate rant. Do read it. It’s the best kind of Grumpy Old Woman moan. The sort that is guaranteed to make one feel better. In a sort of swept-the-contents-off-the-coffee-table kind of way.  Ranting is imperative to mental stability. Even the psychs tell us as much; not to do so is to risk ”rumination” (not as in cows and cud but as in bottling it all up).

Cyberpsace offers a perfect rant medium. Providing you have been wise and retained your anonymity which I did not.  Foolish girl. Because I can’t afford to rant openly and unguardely to the few who are kind enough to read what I write lest I offend the even fewer who live in the Outpost and thus risk further isolation because the three people that are here will stop speaking to me altogether if they knew what I thought about them, I rant like a mad woman, out loud, in the bathroom or whilst I walk or when I’m swimming (which means I swallow half the pool and come up choking, puce and rendered rant-impotent as I almost drown).

To articulate a rant online is so much more elegant than that. It is the spiritual equivalent of exfolition: you’ll feel so better on the inside.


6 Responses to “Spiritual Exfoliation”

  1. Potty Mummy Says:

    I suggest a ‘rant blog’, RM. Anonymous, of course. Then you can say what you want about who you want. There is, of course, the subsequent problem of curious husbands wondering what it is exactly that keeps you away from trash tv every night – but I’m sure that if I can handle that, then so can you!

  2. Mzungu Chick Says:

    Most definitely with Potty Mummy on the Anonymous Rant Blog – although I am still anonymous and therefore will rant as much as possible until I am found out and have to put a lid on it!

  3. guineapigmum Says:

    I’m sort of hoping that none of my in laws – nor my husband, come to that – actually reads said rant. I might be excommunicated. Or divorced. But I do like the idea of spiritual exfoliation!

    Perhaps we could start a rant Wiki, and then we could all contribute.

  4. guineapigmum Says:

    Should have said my anonymity has been fading rapidly over recent months.

  5. Iota Says:

    Do you know, I have a feeling that an anonymous rant blog does already exist.

    There’s also iamlivid.com, which is very funny.

  6. Kathleen Says:

    I know I’ve come out with a few things on my blog and think “well no one will like that and will rip me up for it” but I guess its just thinking out loud. My sarcasm runs amok sometimes and I have to curtail myself. I think most poeple that blog and read blogs realize that sometimes you just have to come out and say it. My husband is a professional ranter and very entertaining about it, so I have a high level of tolerance for other people’s rants. I guess in the end I like to hear a rant or two from everyone it makes all of us human.

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