The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

There was once a Town Mouse and a Country Mouse.

The Country Mouse rarely went out, for there was nowhere to go and precious few people to meet. She scuttled about her tiny little house living her hermetic existence and eating leafy green salads from her own pocket handkerchief garden for lunch. She read. She wrote. She played with her offspring: most had scrambled out of her homely little nest and only returned sporadically to raid the fridge, get their laundry done and ask for increased allowances. But there was one left, the youngest, a constant source of amusement and companionship for our sometimes lonely Country Mouse, who never wore shoes but padded about in her barefeet (nail polish peeling from toes) and the same pair of scruffy shorts day after day. Her hair – too long now – was always screwed into an untidy knot at the back of her head.

The Town Mouse by comparison barely sat still. There were lunches (in town, naturally) to be had (paninis sweating cheese and glasses of red wine). Hair appointments to attend, pedicures to enjoy (Town Mouse always has perfectly painted red toenails), shops to trawl (even when she wasn’t buying). She was exhaustingly social, darting hither and thither and catching up with friends over too much coffee. There were school runs to do and mothers to either avoid or gossip with in the car park, there was a daughter to collect each afternoon, excited chatter to listen to, sleepovers to arrange. There were movies to see (Enchanted), dinner parties to attend. She always wore shoes and remembered to change her clothes and brush her newly done tresses every day.

The Country Mouse – despite feeling bereft of company from time to time – was never short of peace and quiet and time to find the right words. The Town Mouse barely had a moment to spare in her hectic schedule. She didn’t get enough sleep and her waistband – on account of the indulgence that attends regular meals out – was growing disconcertingly tight.

The Country Mouse visited the Town Mouse and despite the initial novelty of restaurants and cinemas and hair salons, it wasn’t long before she began to feel a little broke, a bit fatter, more tired than she was used to. It wasn’t long before she began to yearn for a little bit of space. A slower pace.

Funny that.

She hadn’t expected that.






16 Responses to “The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse”

  1. Mom de Plume Says:

    Hi, thanks for the wonderful stories! It is amazing that in your isolation you still have such a fascinating life… I am inclined to agree with country mouse, I also like to return to my peace and quiet!

  2. Primal Sneeze Says:

    You’re a woman mouse after my own heart cheese, or something important like that.

  3. Tom Says:

    How wonderful that you can be two meece (plural of mice). Both lives have their pluses as you describe them and I don’t think you should choose one over the other.

    There are many kinds of cheese.

  4. Roberta Says:

    The grass is always greener in the yard next door, eh? Loved this!

  5. maggie may Says:

    I’m obviously the plump town mouse! Country mouse finds total peace in solitude. Town mouse loves to hear about the tranquility of the countryside & feels she can join in & relax in it from time to time! Will keep coming back to replenish my frazzled soul!

  6. Linda K Says:

    This town mouse has discovered peace and quiet even in the ‘business’ of town life. This town mouse prefers to not follow all the other town mice as they scamber about ‘tring to do it all’. This town mouse only gets her hair cut, so that in the morning she get up wash, dry, and go. Yes, this town mouse goes ‘out’ but only when money, time and (mainly) energy says -‘go for it’. This town mouse is glad that the country mouse is happy with her home life. Oh – just watch out for that CAT (lonelilness).

  7. Iota Says:

    Life is full of surprises.

  8. david mcmahon Says:

    Came here from Maggie May’s blog. The word “memsahib” in your blog title caught my eye because I grew up in India.

    Really enjoying your writing style. I also do a bit of writing now and then.

    Great work. Keep it up. There are many gems here

  9. Irene Says:

    I am a country mouse who lives in town. Mostly I like peace and quiet, but sometimes I like hustle and bustle. I make quick forages into the downtown area and get filled up with extreme busy-ness and then retreat to my quiet apartment, where there are three cats and a dog and a peaceful husband. There are many books to read and thoughts to be thought and silences to be enjoyed. The only things that are missing are a horizon and moonlight and the starry sky at night. Life is full of compromises.

  10. ann Says:

    I can identify with your mouses. Love the city, but can’t wait to get back to the country again We are lucky that we can appreciate and experience both. I was alarmed to hear that Tanzania has politican unrest. Will it affect you?

  11. ann Says:

    I have given you an award. Please see my post to collect it.

  12. Potty Mummy Says:

    City life definitely isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…

  13. Irene Says:

    Hi, here is the country mouse sitting in her town house apartment in the middle of the night, unable to sleep. It is very silent here, sometimes a car drives by, but that is it. I suppose at your country adobe, no cars drive by and you could sleep in the middle of the dusty road. Which reminds me, do you have to wash your hair very often?

    By the way, do you like getting awards? Sometimes I have some nice ones to give away and some of them might be appropriate for you. Please let me know. If you don’t prefer getting them, the I will be forewarned.

  14. foxhollowjewelry Says:

    I am currently a tired town mouse too…New Orleans is wearing me out, but it really does feed your creativity to get out and about and take in some new sights and sounds. When you get back to the quiet again, you will have much to write about, and the change will enable your subconscious to appreciate what you have at home. I expect you will see your home with new eyes….
    Great story…and what a surprising discovery!

  15. Mzungu Chick Says:

    You’ve got an award over at mine – please swing by. Meanwhile make the most of that city life, for next week you’ll be back to being outposted and you so know what it’s like because I’m totally with you on the ‘grass is always greener’ OR perhaps ‘ the cheese always tastier’. So make sure you have one cappuccino too many before you head home.

    Hope the kids are well and you are all enjoying half term. At least on our end there are no tourists and some great deals so us locals can make the most of it! Now is definitely the time to come and visit your sister and have a bit of a jolly our side of the fence too.

  16. reluctantmemsahib Says:

    thank you thank you thank you all for nipping by to read sporadic postings. taking deferred holiday in kenya. it is blissfully familiar in part – it’ll always be home – whilst horribly changed at the same time. I feel desperate for all those who have losts lives and livelihoods.

    home in ten days …

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