Living on the Moon

Hat is writing a story for a science project, the essence of which – because we are comparing the environments of other bodies in our solar system – is how one would survive if one was stranded on the moon.

I urge Hat to consider criteria such as the temperature on the moon compared to that here on earth, the lack of much in the way of gravity.

She waves me away.

It’ll be easy she says, I know what living on the moon would be like already.

How, I want to know.

Because I live here, Mum, in an outpost.

She’s not wrong.

8 Responses to “Living on the Moon”

  1. mother hen Says:

    Reminds me of a very funny conversation the other day with a 8 year old discussing his lessons on the solar system at school – “do you know how many rings Uranus has? But they’re really just made of green gas”. Quite tricky to keep a straight face. Am also delighted to see I have a bantam hen namesake. What will the first batch of chicks be called Hat?

  2. carol Says:

    But Hat – just think – if the astronauts and scientists get their act together – then maybe we will have people living up on the moon – in funny glass houses where they can keep thier own chicken, grow veggies etc – and then the moon would be a fairly social place to live… do you think that might happen in the outpost?

    Great science project though – at least she doesn’t think it’s made of cheese or that she will meet the ‘man in the moon’ – though he may have some fantastic ideas for new stories!

  3. maggie may Says:

    Hat may well be among the first people to populate the moon! You are training her well as she is already used to isolation, but by the time she gets to go, it will be really crowded & she might come back for a bit of peace..

    Liked your Marmite post too!

  4. ann Says:

    We have a small village near here called Twenty and some wag as written on the village sign “twinned with the moon, no atmosphere!”. It makes me laugh everytime I drive by.

  5. Roberta Says:

    That kid. You can’t crimp her imagination! She’s flawless!

    Good work Mom!

  6. Irene Says:

    Does she realize that the outpost is lacking in atmosphere like the moon is? Does she know the double entendre of the word?

    Poor Memsahib, you must be trying very hard to make up for it anyway.

    It is kind is a unique adventure, though, a childhood she is not likely to forget ever and have many fond memories of.

  7. R. Sherman Says:

    Know that someday, she’ll tell her grandchildren about her wonderful childhood as they listen intently wishing they had grown up in the Outpost. And somewhere, you will be smiling.


  8. reluctantmemsahib Says:

    mother hen: thanks so much for your comment. lovely to hear from you. Hat will have fun naming chicks. Flip Flops bottom is fluffy and white, she reports, is this an indication offspring are iminent?

    Carol: don’t tempt her. THe Man on the Moon?! Grief. I wonder what he’d look like?

    Oh Maggie May: I do hope she comes back. Or I shall flee moon too!

    Ann: that made me laugh too: I loved it, ”no atmosphere” indeed! THe Outpost? Steeped in the stuff.

    Roberta: she isn’t isn’t she. But I’m biased.

    Irene: she’s the atmosphere here. She and the extraordinary characters she introduces to this moonscape.

    Mr Sherman: I hope so, I do hope so. On bad days it’s hard not to question the wisdom of my decision. Not, I have to say, that Hat ever appears to question it. Thank you.

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