Show and Tell


        Low slung bellies of boats as the tide sighs …


Clotted cream complexion protected by SPF 50 and a hat as broad as a house; vain hope she will not have to patronize Estee Lauder’s anti ageing products as her mother is forced to …


Waiting for the tide to turn? Watching the water? Willing a crab to scuttle up the sand? Who knows. Happy though ….


  Like my feet.  Happy, happy holiday feet …


The percussion of palms: fronds jangle and rattle and sigh and whisper according the instruction of the band’s conductor: the wind …


 Lengthening shadows provide perfect paint for a self portrait in the sand …


 Whilst the sand itself yields cavnas to all the feet that have walked the shore today: mine, Hat’s, the dogs, dozens of fishermen …


 An evening trip on a dhow, with friends, to celebrate a birthday, life, the sunset …


 And music so that Hat dances on the deck …


And on the way home, an elephant. One lone male, enjoying a drink, breaking his journey as we did ours.

10 Responses to “Show and Tell”

  1. nuttycow Says:

    Good photos RM. Especially like the elephant 🙂 Tick tock tick tock, only 2 and a half months til I’m back in Kenya!

  2. tash Says:

    I remember those toes! But the self-portrait’s got me worried… When did you join the convent?

  3. R. Sherman Says:

    Thanks for the photos. I needed some sun and palm trees on a dreary, cold day in the American Midwest.


  4. cinnamon gurl Says:

    Oh this was lovely. I remain convinced that photos and words enhance one another.

  5. maggie may Says:

    The photos are really lovely. Somehow or other I missed your last post, but have just caught up. Good to read about the people you meet!

  6. Carrie Says:

    Beautiful photos, gave me shivers – especially the elephant!

  7. Irene Says:

    Great photographs, good to see what you saw. Had some idea of it anyway. Now reinforced by pictures. Greatly impressed by the elephant. Hat dances a good dance. Well polished toe nails.

  8. Expatmum Says:

    Great photos and nice pedicure!

  9. Penelope Says:

    I found you via the Google Discover thingy. What a fabulous blog! Your writing, pictures, stories….they have all just whipped my breath away. I’m adding you to my feeds immediately!

  10. Rob Says:

    Oh. What bliss. Those pictures are worth a thousand words. More of the same please. How about a few more pics of daily life in the outpost…?

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