Africa’s a Blonde


Africa’s a blonde.

Tresses rattleblow in the wind

Which puffs in hotbreathed gasps

Down the back of her neck

And makes her hair stand on end.

And rattle blow.


She’s capricious.

Tossing her head

And laughing.

Rattleblow. Rattle.

Flaxen fronds and

Elephant grass like silver.

Leaves curled prawncracker crisp

The stump of a tree smoulders.

Is she ashblonde then?


Fair head bowed so that

Long fingered sun

Spins it to gold.

The colour of wheat

Nodding heads in convivial agreement.

Bottle blonde without the bottle.

That’s Africa.

She’ll be bottle green when the rain comes.


And I’m reminded my roots need doing.



Blonde Africa Collage

14 Responses to “Africa’s a Blonde”

  1. Grannymar Says:

    Another great poem. You are one talented lady, keep them coming. I love your collage of colour.

  2. nappyvalleygirl Says:

    Beautiful. And I can just imagine it.

  3. R. Sherman Says:

    And blondes have more fun, so we’re told. I myself wouldn’t know. My hair is getting ever grayer by the moment.


  4. Jo Says:

    Loved this one too.
    Brunettes have fun too!!!!!

  5. reluctantmemsahib Says:

    Thank you Grannymar.

    And you Nappy – lovely to see you. How you doing over there?

    Harder for guys Mr S (and you ARE a guy, pretty sure I’m not about to repeat my Primal Sneeze faux pas): we women can tweak colour without suspcion being levelled at us!

    Jo. I’ve been both. a brunette and a blonde. I think the fun’s all in the mind. Funny that: that it should be close to the head. and hair colour?

  6. Tash Says:

    I’m staggered. If the preceding poem was a golden effort this is platinum. At the risk of you thinking me really corny, the BBC wildlife mag do an annual nature writing poetry comp, with a nice prize I think (I was once commended, so missed out on whatever the prize was – cash or holiday I think) and I know we shouldn’t just write for money, but hey, every now and again pennies can be useful – and this blonde bombshell you describe is a better poem than many I’ve read…

  7. AnyEdge Says:

    What wonderful poetry! And your phtography is gorgeous as well. I simply must find my way to Africa one of these years.

  8. reluctantmemsahib Says:

    Tash. Thank you. That’s very kind. Really generous praise. Poetry is a new medium for me. An avenue for my sometimes bruise-purple prose? where are you? e me. x

  9. reluctantmemsahib Says:

    Thank you, AnyEdge. That’s kind. And for dropping in. You must: find your way to Africa one day … she’s worth it. As lots of blonde tossing head celebs say: ‘because i’m worth it’ …

  10. Dumdad Says:

    Great stuff.

    As for hair colour, I have no choice as I have no hair. But I like to think I’m blond…

  11. rebelmother Says:

    Great Piccy’s you’ve got on your blog too!


  12. Hadriana Says:

    Rattleblow. Like that word. I’m blonde (sort of) and I’m not having much fun at the moment. Maybe my roots need redoing. That could be it. Loved the poem.

  13. Lyn Says:

    I absolutely love your style of poetry. Clean, simple with vivid imagery. You make it look effortless. I just discovered your blog and I will be coming back again and again to see what other threads you have woven.

  14. reluctantmemsahib Says:

    thank you Dumdad. my husband is also blonde in that case!

    thanks rm. not clever, just a good camera.

    Hadriana, i hope you’re having more fun now? x

    Thanks for visiting Lyn, do pop by again. (am afraid I am too techno challanged to do that follow-thingy! sorry!).

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