Green Fingered …?


It has rained. Hallelujah! The lawn is blushing green. Just a blush, mind. Not about to incriminate itself yet as wholly-happily irrigated.

Husband is possessed of post-storm fervour and marches around our tiny veg patch shaking packets of seeds in my direction. He is going away this week. Because he is busy and import and employed. I, because I am not (busy, important, employed) am staying put. And as such am In Charge of the veg patch for the next six days. Which means I must Pay Attention to what he is telling me about where to plant maize and carrots and must try not to kill the coriander like I did the beans when I drenched them with some toxin to evict spider mite population.

‘You said 15 mls of insecticide to 25 litres of water’, I mumble in feeble protest as we stand observing dying, gasping, jaundiced crop.

‘I didn’t mean you to pour the whole effing 25 litres on 12 plants. Fercrissakes, that was enough for the whole garden!’. (which, for the record, is nearly 2 acres).

‘At least I got rid of the spider mites’, I point out uselessly.

I did. They donned mite-sized gas masks, packed their bags and moved hastily off to the lovely healthy coriander  plants to the left.

 Still. At least the Flamboyant looks lovely. I don’t have to do anything with that.

Which is probably just as well?


7 Responses to “Green Fingered …?”

  1. gaelikaa Says:

    I think it will be fine this time!

  2. Potty Mummy Says:

    Oh god – how I hate those ‘delegation’ conversations with my husband (we’re having rather a lot of them right now, understandably). To get my own back this morning I ‘forgot’ to pick his shoes up from the cobblers and ‘delegated’ the putting of his own cereal bowl into the dishwasher back to him.

    I’m petty, aren’t I? You can say it…

  3. R. Sherman Says:

    I take the position that in the war against garden bugs, there is no such thing as a “proportionate response.” Rather, only a massive all out counterattack will do!


  4. Expat Mum Says:

    How come gardening can make us feel so weak, pathetic and useless when it goes wrong? I have just had to admit defeat with a plant I tried to bring indoors for the winter. Dead and crisp within a week. What a loser!

  5. daisyfae Says:

    can’t you just sit in that amazing swing under the Flamboyant and yell at the bugs? so much more civilized…

  6. carol Says:

    Love the pics. Our garden has had a few weeks of rain now and is looking very green and over-grown. Mind you – we dont’ have a veggie patch – maybe I should do an ‘Antony’ and shake packets of seeds infront of my other half!! Not sure how well it would go down though!

  7. Gill Says:

    if he doesn’t like how you do it, then tell him to get someone else to do it!!!! Funny post though, sorry!!

    I love that tree, do you know what it is?

    Gill in Canada

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