One in the Eye for the Doubting Thomases

Sorry. Even as I hurtle towards my dotage there is a childish streak that cannot resist rearing its juvenile head so that I might stick my tongue out and waggle my ears and say ‘Na na na na na …’.

Because my Hat got into her first choice.

And was awarded an academic scholarship.

I wanted to share that with everybody who over the past three years has been so supportive about our decision to home educate, who has cheered us on in our small successes and offered solace when I worried I was doing what was best.

And I wanted – as that pre adolescent head rears to shriek – to poke those who doubted us, who dismissed our choice as halfbaked-hippy, in the eye.

And say, ‘So there’.

31 Responses to “One in the Eye for the Doubting Thomases”

  1. Linda Says:

    you go girl! big congrats, what a wonderful success story.
    you have every right to show off

  2. janelle Says:

    ah so wonderful. i saw hat at polo…oh my she is SO beautiful!!! lovely lovely child….was SO hoping i’d see you over the week end but you were hiding in the coffee!!! lots love xxx j

  3. Iota Says:

    Ta-da! Go you! Go Hat! Yay! (Trying to give you a flavour here of what it’s like living in America.

    I had the same sorts of feelings (may I indulge here?) when my oldest sat papers for a scholarship back in the UK. He got the scholarship offer, but Husband didn’t get the job offer, so it wasn’t to be. But I remembered the friend who, on hearing we were heading for America, was worried on our children’s accounts, and warned me “you can’t replace a good education”. It seems you can, and we did.

    I’m so pleased for Hat, and for you.

    Are you going to be at the Bloggers’ conference in July? There’s going to be a naughty corner of expat bloggers, who will sit and drink coffee and chat and catch up, and probably not quite make it to all the sessions on things like Search Engine Optimization. We might even have a break-out session in a local tea shop.

  4. Iota Says:

    Please don’t tell the other schools yet, though. Let’s hear how she got offered places at them all, scholarships at several, and could take her pick.

  5. Mud Says:

    So, so, so impressed! Well done RM, you must be incredibly proud of Hat!

  6. Elaine Says:

    Huzzah for Hat and for the flowering of home-ed!

  7. Kit Says:

    Not a surprise. It is obvious you’ve been giving her an excellent education.

  8. Kit in SA Says:

    Congratualtions Hat!. Of course she did well and I’m glad she got to take her pick! And I’m so glad your education choices are vindicated.

  9. Grannymar Says:

    Wonderful news, I am delighted for all of you especially Hat!

  10. Miss Welcome Says:

    Yay! Good job you (and Hat)

    I think home schooling is super brave – way more courage than I have.

  11. carol Says:

    Knew she would – and think the other schools might also be thinking of scholarships – but so long as she’s got the one she wants thats’ great. Big hugs and congratulations to her. – and big hugs for you!

  12. nuttycow Says:

    Oh WELL DONE Hat (and you, of course). I’m so thrilled for both of you. Her for getting into the school she wanted (and on a scholarship!) and you, for having the guts and conviction to home school her and make her into an obviously wellrounded and awesome individual.

    You must be so proud.

  13. ann Says:

    Well done that woman! Well done Hat!

  14. Tash Says:

    What wonderful news, and won’t it make your mum happy too! Thinking of you all, and smiling… This is a dazzling silver lining to bask in xx well done, both of you, and Cap’n Jack and Madame Marcia or whoever that fortune teller woman you went to was… xx

  15. Jon Storey Says:

    Congratulations to Hat. Well done…!

  16. R. Sherman Says:

    Awsome! Congrats to the scholar!


  17. Says:

    hooray, hooray, hooray. That was 3 cheers from me. Am so so pleased for all of you. Have to say Fandabbydozy news (now that dates me….) I know you feel proud of her, I hope you feel proud of yrself too. I will also be at the Cybermummy conference, at the naughty table, place already booked;o) (at the table) Wd be great to meet you.

  18. Gillian Stickings Says:

    Hooray, congratulations! I’m a lurker on this site, check at least once a day. I was homeschooled in the bush in Africa, and have always been very, very glad. Similarly when I did get around to entering ‘the system’ at various points always ended up being at the top not the bottom of the heap. Go Hat!

  19. Almost American Says:

    Woo hoo! Congratulations! I hope she loves her new school!

    Wishing I could go to the Cybermummy conference too and sit with the other expats!

  20. MDTaz Says:

    Such good news for you and Hat. Thanks for telling us.

  21. reluctantmemsahib Says:

    thank you all very, very much. my daughter was very composed about her success. i less so. i laughed. and then i cried. partly because i was thrilled and partly because i was relieved. because as a mother there’s always a lurking doubt as to whether you’re getting this parenting malarkey right. and you exacerbate the anxiety when you opt for a spot of home schooling too.

    i would adore to be in the expat corner at the cyber mummy conference in july but i am not going to make that which is very sad. will you all write about it. do you think you’d recognise one another? break out – Iota – do and rain your glasses, or mugs, to blogging mums everywhere who can’t be there. xx

  22. doglover Says:

    Hooray for Hat! Clever girl! She must have had a good teacher even though she didn’t go to a “proper school”!

  23. The Importance of Separation « Reluctant Memsahib Says:

    […] Reluctant Memsahib the diary of wife, mother and failed domestic goddess in Africa « One in the Eye for the Doubting Thomases […]

  24. guineapigmum Says:

    Fantastic news! And a scholarship! You must feel so proud of her.
    And gosh, is everyone going to the Cyber conference? Perhaps I’d better try & get there. It’s in the middle of the school holidays/fieldwork season here though.

  25. reluctantmemsahib Says:

    thanks doglover: see that’s the thing: proper school obviously ain’t cutting it anymore!

    GPM: no, i’m not going to cybermummy and i am v sad. I’d have loved to . try. try to get there. drink wine for me. or tea if you must x

  26. Limner Says:

    My hat’s off to Hat! I’d fling it into the air but it’s windy here today. Way to go! Sending a bouquet of congrats and grand wishes.

    Good job too, Mom. šŸ˜€ I am so impressed with the both of you.

  27. nappyvalleygirl Says:

    Wonderful news – just goes to show how educational it can be just to live somewhere different and take a different approach to life. Well done Hat !

  28. Eliza Says:

    that is the best news i’ve heard for ages…well done you guys, i am so happy šŸ™‚ xxx

  29. kathleen Says:

    Congratulations and Well Done!

  30. Mapesbury Mum Says:

    Well done Hattie – you’re going to have great fun! Everyone must be so proud….

  31. Becky Says:

    Belated congratulations to the both of you, and three cheers! I’m a lurker who usually reads on Bloglines when I have the chance, though with various family emergencies (father discovered brain tumor in autumn, and died just after new year’s) I haven’t even been doing that much. How lovely to return and find your wonderful news…

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