Five Things …



Five things I have done this week that I didn’t mean to do:

  1. Cross the threshold of eBay.
  2. Stay in bed until 9.45am. On a Tuesday. On pretext of working. Because I was surfing on laptop. Which, naturally enough, was on lap.  Between cat and cup of tea.
  3. Watch utter rubbish on the telly at 5 in the evening. In my pajamas
  4. Swear at Tanesco.
  5. Drink wine on Monday. And Tuesday. And Wednesday …
  6. Bury filing *

Five things I meant to do and did not:

  1. My filing. Which I have since buried. See no 6 above *
  2. My unpacking.  (from last month)
  3. My packing. (for next week)
  4. Tidy elder daughter’s room as it presently serves as dumping ground. For buried filing and still packed suitcases mainly.
  5. Tidy own room so did not have replay of husband’s nervous breakdown of one week ago when he could not find his belt. Consequently had replay of husband’s nervous breakdown of one week ago this morning when he could not find his belt. That his trousers are in no danger of falling down without a belt is apparently irrelevant.

Five things I plan to do next week, no excuses:

  1. My packing.
  2. My unpacking. First. Obviously.
  3. Escape on Wednesday with husband, Hat and son who arrives this evening.
  4. Meet eldest daughter who arrives from school a week today
  5. Go to beach. Laugh. Feel sated before I sit down for a meal as I will note five places laid and remember we are a fullfatfive for a whole two weeks. Drink wine.  On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday … Watch all my babies, two of whom are bigger than me, whilst they sleep.

13 Responses to “Five Things …”

  1. nuttycow Says:

    Sounds like you’ve got a lot to look forward to.

    Now go and unpack! And pack again!

  2. Linda Says:

    oh my god u had fun. love it!!!!

  3. Dumdad Says:

    It takes considerable willpower to drink wine on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday . . . well done, and keep up the good work!

  4. reluctantmemsahib Says:

    i have nutty, i have. now to put brave my un-packing …

    thank you Linda

    Dumdad, i am so glad you agree: willpower. astonishing, though, how i manage not to get a roast on on time but manage to put sufficient wine in fridge to chill so that it’s eye wateringly cold long before supper …

  5. Miss Welcome Says:

    This was really beautiful. And really funny.

  6. R. Sherman Says:

    Enjoy the time with family!


  7. Rob Says:

    Ditto R. Sherman – enjoy the holidays, all 5 of ye

  8. Nora Ibsen Says:

    I wish you a wonderful time and don’t worry too much about getting all those things done. It will all work out without the least amount of stress. They always do.

  9. Iota Says:

    So do you have to make a conscious decision to stay up late to watch them sleep, these days?

  10. carol Says:

    Have a fantastic time with all of them. lots of love

  11. Muddling Along Mummy Says:

    Love the concept of a fullfatfive – enjoy !

  12. Hadriana Says:

    Award for you over at mine!

  13. RebaLu Says:

    Characterizing it as a nervous breakdown is so true! My hubby is the same way! It’s a virtual calamity of epic proportions. We have finally reached the point in which we can make light of a pending breakdown and my swift finding of lost item.

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