All-in-day’s entertainment – Outpost Style

How Reluctant Memsahib keeps busy in Outpost


… then we ate it.

How her cat keeps busy in Outpost


She didn’t bother to eat it. When she got bored of it she abanonded it to the crows.

15 Responses to “All-in-day’s entertainment – Outpost Style”

  1. Mecha Says:

    I love the jewelry….you should etsy! My cats are the eater of the moths, but they did get together once and kill a little lizard.

  2. Iota Says:

    I don’t know why you didn’t get to be a finalist in the MADs “best photography blog” category…

  3. R. Sherman Says:

    Cats are the best for keeping unwanted critters away from the house.


  4. Meliebug Says:

    Wow. Moshi is a cow.

  5. reluctantmemsahib Says:

    thanks for dropping by Mecha; my cat’s a lizard killer too …

    Ah Iota, you are kind, but right place, right time, right camera …

    Esp snakes apparently Mr S, and given Outpost is meant to be swarming, or slithering, with that, good thing mine appears adapt.

    Ain’t she just Meliebug: a cow.

  6. Mwa Says:

    Seriously??? That’s what cats do over your way??? Amazing photos!

  7. Paradise Says:

    I didn’t realise either that cats went for (played with) snakes. Was it a poisonous one? can she tell which ones to keep clear of & if not what wd happen? Never thought of a cat/snake encounter before…. Facsinating. And I’m with Iota, re best photo blog. Your photos are always truly stunning. Love the jewellery too. When are you setting up Outpost Ornaments? Can I buy;o)

  8. carol Says:

    Love the photos of your glass work – and of Moshi and the snake. Our pup slumdog is far more of a wimp and only attacks flying ants – and one of the dogs managed to catch a lizard but again they didn’t eat it – just left it on the verandah in two pieces – body and tail.

  9. reluctantmemsahib Says:

    Thanks Mwa; they are famous for it: cats. apparently. attacking snakes.

    Paradise, hello: do you know, i have no clue how she can tell the difference? i think this was a non venomous snake. obviously had a go at her nose as she sneezed a few times but must have been very superficial as she perfectly well. Husband tells me they come off better than dogs ever would as cats so fast … thanks for kind words on pix and glass. x

    My cat eats lizards. and then regurgitates them all over house. I think it’s her way of telling me the food i feed her (ample) is insufficient. sometimes they make her foam at the mouth. as if she had rabies … x

  10. 3limes Says:

    Really love the glass work. Very pretty and well done. Also love the nonchalant expression on cat’s face once its work was done!

  11. paula Says:

    Oh my word, I love your cat, that snake is exactly the same as the one my mad Tanzanian cat caught in the garden here in Kilombero and was tormenting, then followed a mad dash by hubby to extract said snake from cat, what followed was a hilarious pursuit across the field, cat in front, snake trashing around wildly in cats mouth, hubby behind. Guess who one…
    Love your glass work, where can I buy it?

  12. Jacqueline Says:

    I love your glass beads, and your pretty cat. The worst thing my cat has ever done, is come into the house with a live starling, and let it go when I shouted at her. It proceeded to fly around the room in a demented fashion, scooting as it went!

  13. Baya Sana Says:

    Wow, beautiful jewelery and your cat is rather handsome too.

  14. Minnie Says:

    Clever you: a good eye, and manual dexterity to boot! And your cat’s a beauty. Looks like a Chartreux.

  15. nixdminx Says:

    Wow – not sure which I like the most but the jewellery is gorgeous but I’m very taken with the brave cat toying with the snake, I would prefer a komodo dragon to take care of snakes on my behalf but that’s obviously a tall order

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