What in the World … a game.

Sometimes I don’t know if my ability to stay sane (I use the term loosely) in the Outpost is born of great strength of character and sustaining endurance. Or a lack of drive so that I am perfectly content (I use the word loosely) to potter about barefoot and directionless. Sometimes – when people observe (as they do often) Gawd, I could never live where you live, I don’t know if their observation is born of admiration (all that strength of character and endurance) or because they are staggered by my apparent lack of any ambition.

I suspect that being able to hang on/in/out here is partly the product of my childhood; my mother told us that only stupid people got bored. There were always books. And if you tired of those, there was also a subscription to National Geographic’s magazine for children – The World (indeed the inspiration for this). You didn’t want to complain, mid way through a too long summer holiday on an afternoon that you thought might never end, that you were bored when you’d been told that.

So regard this post as you will: the work (and I use the term loosely) of one with extraordinary creative genius or the result of an afternoon with nothing else to do. And if you have an enquring mind that revels in tortuous puzzles, or absolutely nothing to do, see if you can fathom what the following are: all taken in my bathroom/bedroom, you’ll have similar. My geography might be exotic, my life reallly isn’t.

1. Often redundant in the Outpost:

2. This is a liar; it has not delivered what it promised:

3. Unlike this one which sadly tells the truth as it is: you ate too much on holiday/you drank too much last night/you are getting old even though you behaved like a teenager last night and drank too much … :

4. I don’t think Al Gore had these?

5. I would not have to use the word ‘strewn’ if my children used this:

6. I do not know what this is called; I just know it has absolutely no role here:

7. A globally aware two squares? Or a couldn’t care two metres?:

8. Some people put this on their finger:

9. Fanny B Kranny does not use one. Nor does Hat:

10. When I lived in the real world (school runs, social life, pedicures, capuccino) I used to stare into this for hours, pondering and wasting time. Here (given dearth of school runs/social life/pedicures/capuccino) I do not need to and save hours. A paradox given that Time is one thing I have more than enough of now … :

11. This turns big holes into little holes:

12. This lives close to No 11 above … :

17 Responses to “What in the World … a game.”

  1. Grannymar Says:

    Some of those have really stumped me!

  2. Dumdad Says:

    Um, I fail!

  3. doglover Says:

    They fail to activate my intelligence (I use the word loosely).

  4. nappyvalleygirl Says:

    Ooh very clever. I have no idea.

    I used to get World magazine as a child. I loved the pullout posters of things like seals and snow monkeys……

  5. Kate Says:

    Hmmm. 2 – 4 and 11 and 12 flumox me but I think I have an inkling on the others. Very creative! Needs must…

  6. Mama B Says:

    Okay, rolling up mental sleeves here…

    1. lightswitch. Frequently no use for this in Arusha too
    2. hmmmm, flush on toilet? tap?
    3. mirror
    4. funky! not sure what it is though. Fancy spot lighting?
    5. oh dear, looks like a tap, but how does that fit with strewn???
    6. not doing so well really… ah?! overflow thingummy bob??
    7. Loo roll!
    8. dunno.
    9. razor?
    10. obviously a hinge, but from what?! Bathroom door?
    11. funnel!
    12. grater!!

  7. Almost American Says:

    Hmm- I think I might have got a few. Or then again, maybe not.

    2. Some kind of beauty product?
    3. Mirror
    5. Towel rail
    7. Toilet bowl
    8. Toothpaste
    9. Fanny B Kranny clue makes me think ‘comb’, but the picture looks like a window screen & shutters to me

  8. byrhtnoth Says:

    2. Moisturizer?
    4. . . .
    6. . . .
    9. Blow dryer?
    10. Screen?
    11. Funnel?
    12. Cheese grater?

  9. ali la loca Says:

    I’m pretty sure number 1 is a lightswitch panel, and number 4 is the tubes from flourescent lighting.

  10. reluctantmemsahib Says:

    Hmmm. lots of you very warm (mama B …) (a number still quite cold … dumdad, doglover …). will blog answers shortly … thanks for playing. for entering into the spirit and keeping me entertained. x

  11. carol Says:

    Ok – i’m bored…. or I was until I read your blog – so here are my guesses.
    1 – a switch – probably a light switch
    2 – the head of a shower – I’m guessing it was meant to be a ‘power shower’ but you don’t have the water to power it!?
    3 – mirror (very funky outside edge)
    4 – some odd kitchen appliance – like a pasta server?
    5 – a knob on a door or cupboard
    6 – the overflow holes in a bath
    7 – the leaky mark on your ceiling
    8 – some of your silver?
    9 -a cage of some sort
    10 – the door
    11 – some kind of magic device for holes….
    12 – another kind of magic device to transport you someplace else!
    That ‘world’ mag also had pics like this – think it was entitled ‘where in the world’ – clever idea.

    Well – that kept me busy – now better go and teach!

  12. Tattie Weasle Says:

    Rail one of them is a rail to hang towels on I think it’s 5 because my kids always leave their towels strewn round the bathroom. And now that’s taken me 20 minutes I shall retire from the lists amused and not at all bored!

  13. Shelley Says:

    I’ve been lurking for ages…but this post made me decide I had to join in, even though I’m mostly flummoxed! Here goes:

    1. Light switch
    2. Makeup bottle cap?
    3. Mirror
    4. This one has me totally stumped…
    5. Doorknob
    6. Drain
    7. Toilet bowl drain
    8. Toothpaste
    9. Hair dryer
    10. A hinge…but haven’t figured out how it fits the clue
    11. Funnel
    12. Grater

  14. Shelley Says:

    Changed my mind on #6. I’m thinking it must be some sort of sprinkler, or watering device.


    I’m very impressed. But you’ve already got all your answers so I’m not going to list them. I love your photos. Lx

  16. Addy Says:

    Try as I might, inspiration deserted me today. I’m obviously brain-dead.

  17. Answers on a Post(card) « Reluctant Memsahib Says:

    […] Reluctant Memsahib the diary of wife, mother and failed domestic goddess in Africa « What in the World … a game. […]

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