Answers on a Post(card)

Thank you for playing.

Your answers were fascinating/interesting/diverse and prove that men don’t pay enough attention to the fine detail of a home (Dumdad …).   Almost American and Mama B clear winners; Shelley did well too.

No 1. Was a light-switch – when I was a child I was told that if I flicked the light switch on and off and on and off and on and off (because it was entertaining to watch the glow come and go) I’d electrocute myself. This is not true (like swimming after eating will make you drown isn’t true). It is especially not true when in Outpost since flick of switch often does little than make feeble noise.

No 2. Despite what 7 out of 10 women say, this beauty product did not make me look 17 in the morning.

No 3. A mirror. Which proved that 7 out of ten women (above) were lying. Or did not own one of these.

4. Clever Ali la Loca: the inside of a high energy light bulb. Redudant in my case (see light-switch above). Wonder what it’s going to do with all that unspent energy? Wonder if it’s a candidate for Ritalin?

5. Towel Rail – Tattie Weasel your kids clearly do as mine do. Strew.

6 Overflow thingummy bob – as put so eloquently by Mama B.  Also redudant in outpost, never enough water in bath to overflow, if indeed one was ever so reckless as to abanadon bath whilst running it; water is that precious.

 7. Inside of loo roll, Mama B again. Not as my dear sister suggested “leaky mark on your ceiling’. That would be about 478 times larger that inside of loo roll.

 8. Toothpaste. Indeed Almost American: do you have nice white ones? Teeth?

9. Comb, cunningly held up to window, well done Almost American, I’ll give you that. Like Franny B, who never used one to tease out tangles of her bird’s nest hair, Hat does not see the point either. She is a hairdresser’s worst nightmare: a child with long curls who does not brush them.

10. Hinge to my wardrobe in which hang clothes I never wear now: I have no use for evening dresses/jackets/winter coats in Outpost. Most days I don’t even need shoes.

11 and 12 are found in the kitchen – funnel and grater. Unless I absent-mindenly take 12 off to bathroom with me when distracted from cheese grating . As you do.

4 Responses to “Answers on a Post(card)”

  1. Tattie Weasle Says:

    Yeahh I got the one right!!! Had to go back and have a closer look – very clever. Looking forward to the next one or may even try one of my own…..hmmmmm

  2. V. Says:

    I so enjoyed this, although I only got one right, the cheese grater. How about more?

  3. Almost American Says:

    Doh! Some of those are obvious now you told us what they are! That was fun!

  4. ali la loca Says:

    I knew the lightbulb only because of our time in Mozambique. 🙂

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