Out of an Outpost










Two whole days, 850 kilometers on roads – from dusty and pocked with holes you could bury a giraffe in to blackvelvet smooth tar – 

8,500 in the air (chicken or beef? who actually said it was the World’s Favourite Airline? Not me, that’s for sure). 

All that way and it still doesnt’ feel I’ve covered enough ground to realize the distance between my far flung, wild, wide skied Outpost

And blackberries and Tesco.


Funny that?

14 Responses to “Out of an Outpost”

  1. carol Says:

    Great photos – it must seem odd to go into Tescos and get anything you want – in any variety you want – instead of the dusty old kiosk…. Good luck with everything.

  2. nuttycow Says:

    Have a fab time in the UK… take advantage of the wonders of Tescos. If I miss it over here, I can’t imagine how you must miss it there in the Outpost 🙂

  3. R. Sherman Says:

    Safe and happy travels!

    (The highway photos look exactly like views in eastern New Mexico, USA.)


  4. Lyn Says:

    Enjoy your time away from the outpost. I always enjoy your pics … you take us along for the ride. Cheers!

  5. Addy Says:

    Great photos. Bon voyage!

  6. Gillian Savage Says:

    Yes, the photos give a real impression of those long journeys where the road keeps unfolding endlessly in front.

  7. Iota Says:

    I’ve never thought to wonder, but do they drive on the left or right where you are? It’s just that I can see both in the photos.

    Do you feel oppressed by your physical environment when in England? In comparison to that openness and vastness? Or do you like the cosiness, the contrast?

  8. Kathleen Says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  9. connie Says:

    wonderful post. thank you.

  10. nmaha Says:

    Enjoy your break. The pics are fab.

  11. 3limes Says:

    Oh I know exactly how you feel. I have just returned from a month in London; going there was a huge shock. Coming back less so. Funny feeling.

  12. sue jones Says:

    oh hi there
    just been rading some of your beautifully written observations. How did the boy do? sooooo wonderful he has the confidence NOT to go to uni and strike out on his own. Got any tips for me with my 8 year old…..i can only hope mine has the guts to do that! thanks soooooo much for your contribution to the school magazine. it made it wonderful and every one loved it. am i allowed to ask you to do something for the next one next year?

  13. There are Cuckoos in my Nest Says:

    I love that mountain, I lived on the west side for 5 years and would wave to that view on our annual trip to the UK. Will never forget the last time I said goodbye, knowing I wouldn’t be going back.
    The snow and glaciers are shrinking so rapidly.
    Please give it a wave from me!

  14. ExpatNode.com | Blog | Out of an Outpost Says:

    […] https://reluctantmemsahib.wordpress.com/ […]

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