They are all here. All three of them. Three plus two makes five.

A FullFatFive. For two whole satiating weeks. Sixteen sleeps I tell myself.

First my son.

And then my girls.

They had to rendezvous in London and navigate their way through Terminal Five.

I – mobile phone clutched in sweaty palm – fretted: would they manage? Would they lose their passports? Miss their flight? Board the wrong one? Get distracted in Accessorize, at Smiths? Go to sleep?!

My daughters tickle my worrisome Achilles Tendon.

I’ve lost Hat. Gaaaaaaaaaaagh. She was here just now. I swear it. Hahahahahaha

And the following morning as I drive the six hours to meet them at the airport:

Cairo? Cairo! How the crap did that happen.

And then they surface, from the belly of too long international travel: nine hours on a long haul, a three hour layover, an hour’s domestic.

They emerge as two tall and beautiful and they gather me up and they laugh.

And we drive the six hours home and they tell me that it is wonderful to be back. In Africa. Stories of school spill and Hat says, ‘shall I tell you about House Music now? Shall I tell you about everybody in my dorm next?’ And she does and then suddenly falls silent and I glance in the rear view mirror and see a girl who is sound asleep. Curled into a seat that doesn’t properly accommodate too long legs so that they tangle with her sister’s.

And I think. Give them wings.

So that they can fly home.

16 Responses to “Wings”

  1. TheMadHouse Says:

    Oh my yoou have me in floods of tears, what a wonderful, wonderful post. You have given them wings and look who and were they fly back to.

  2. janelle Says:

    ahhhhhhhhhh fantastic anthea! ENJOY THEM! gorgeous pic of our gals…! xxx j

  3. noraibsen Says:

    How wonderful for you. I am so happy for you. Enjoy!

  4. MapesburyMum Says:

    Enjoy, hope the time doesn’t go too fast!

  5. Mwa Says:


  6. Lyn Says:

    I can only imagine the joy you felt with that reunuion. Your girls are gorgeous and look full of life. You should be proud that you have raised very independent children.I hope you have a blast with them …

  7. R. Sherman Says:

    I’m glad they’re home safe. Enjoy the time together.


  8. nappyvalleygirl Says:

    So glad to hear they got home safely and are with you now. I remember the bliss of those returns from boarding school and how I couldn’t wait to tell my Mum everything about every single person in my class. You brought a tear to my eye.

  9. Paradise Says:

    Great. Have fun:oD :oD

  10. tash Says:


    It’s been a while, as my Kenya dongle has prevented me from doing much surfing. So, I’ve just caught up on 6 months. I’m sorry about Kanga. So sorry. But happy you’ve got them all around you – enjoy it. Love to you all, xx

  11. Marianne Says:

    Oh, that is lovely. So glad they have wings and they are home with you. Enjoy!
    My nest has been empty for over a year now, apart from visits from university from the youngest. I dream of children I can’t find, or care for, all the time. It is hard.

  12. Addy Says:

    I am so chuffed they are back with you again for a while. Make the most of the time together, then let them fly again and count the days forward to the next (Christmas) break.

  13. Carol Says:

    I am so happy for you! Enjoy the two weeks with all of them. They both look so grown up now.

  14. Gillian Says:

    Yes, I join with others in wishing you the joys of children and family and love. But I also hope that you can find a place to live where your children can settle nearby. My deepest wish for you.

  15. nuttycow Says:

    Glad they got back safe. Have a fantastic time with them.


  16. Cheryl Cato Says:

    Wonderful story! They are so beautiful. Enjoy, enjoy.

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