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Barefoot, beached, bush-whacked.

February 8, 2011


Not trains, planes and automobiles, not exactly, trains, boats and automobiles. And the wide, wide Wami bubbling chocolate towards the aquamarine of the Indian Ocean

And my home for a day. Or two. Treated like a Princess. Though there was no need to peek beneath my matress for a pea; I slept better than I had done in days.

And in the morning I drunk in the view, a broad baked butterscotch biscuit bay and a burnished sea

I took a walk. And found a boat, beached, still beautiful though. Like an old queen lounging on the sand.

And I discovered I wasn’t here first …

Not by a long way: serval, genet, mongoose, bush pigs, hyena, monkeys … they’d all been up before me. All night perhaps: the mongoose indulging in a midnight feast of crab.

And then to the forest, where shade is strung and big butterflies hang on the no-wind, hotly hissing cicada air

Elephant swim in the sea here I was told. I didn’t see evidence of that. But we did meet this chap who was in a dreadful hurry, shooing us off and out of his way. I like to think he was beach bound.

So we left him to it and enjoyed the last peachy kisses of a long hot day and went back for a cold beer.

And I thought how nice it was to play at being a writer …