Seven Days. Seven Things

1 Last Sunday I rose at 5 and drove 5 hours north to collect my eldest daughter from the closest functioning airport. She has finished school. Forever she tells me. Home feels fuller. It is delicious to have somebody here 24/7.

2 I cast my first whole bowl. It didn’t crack. Lots have. I showed it to Husband, ‘some sweat’, I said, ‘a few tears and alot, alot, of blood’.

3 My mum calls daily. She is soaringly happy-well. Nothing is too much. Her energy and enthusiasm are boundless. The sun’s shining, she says. And I can hear her smile.

4 I cook oxtail soup. It belonged to a buffalo. The tail. Delia taught me how. I don’t know why it should feel like an achievement. But it does. An old fashioned achievement which scents the kitchen richly.

5 I make alot of mistakes in my fusing studio. I burn my fingers. I shed the odd tear of sheer frustration. And I spill a little more blood. But I cut and I cast and I fuse and it makes me happy. Despite the tears and the blood.

6 My eldest daughter gets her IB results. I can’t tell how she has done to begin with: she’s crying. But she’s laughing too. She got the points she needed; to go to Cambridge. I can believe she got in. I just can’t believe she’s mine. Her dad teaches her how to open a bottle of bubbly. What a nerd says her brother.

7 My Hat is on her long-way home: Amsterdam to London to Dar to Mwanza to the Outpost. I will rise at 5 tomorrow and drive the five hours north to collect her. And then I will drive the five home again and the house will feel even more deliciously full.

15 Responses to “Seven Days. Seven Things”

  1. R. Sherman Says:

    Congrats to your daughter!

    Have fun with the brood all under the same roof for awhile.


  2. Jim Daly Says:

    Well done, girl! Cambridge. Impressive.

  3. MsCaroline Says:

    Congratulations! On the bowl (love the trail of changing colors), on your daughter’s accomplishment, and most of all, on having some of the chicks back in the nest.

  4. Linda Says:

    I agree with MsCaroline, she stole my words………it makes me smile to read this post! Thank you

  5. Mud Says:

    What wonderful news for all of you and your achievements – and more of all, for having them home as a family.

  6. Doglover Says:

    The bowl looks beautiful and the design is inspired; you are talented.

    Glad to hear all your good news, not least about your mother.

  7. nuttycow Says:

    Adding my congrats to your daughter – you must be so proud.

    How nice that Hat is back again soon. I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic time catching up with all the news.

    Love some of the plates/bowls but sadly I don’t think they’ll cope being shipped over here 😦

  8. tash Says:

    What fantastic news for you all but most especially for that clever, clever Amelia! How brilliant. Well done!!!

    And well done on everything else too – though I’m glad I wasn’t there for supper ! xx

  9. Muddling Along Says:

    Yes to exam successes and having your family back around you!

  10. reluctantmemsahib Says:

    Thank you all very much; lovely to have 2 out of three chicks back in the nest. x

  11. Family Affairs Says:

    Oh joy of joys for you – how brilliant – CAMBRIDGE!! Bloody hell Lx

  12. Iota Says:

    Congrats to her! And that bowl is lovely too. Really lovely.

  13. Alcoholic Daze (Addy) Says:

    Have a great summer with all your chicks close by. Mine is home with me too now. Bliss!

  14. teamgloria Says:

    oh – what a delicious blog post!

    especially the part about your home feeling fuller.

    truly lovely.

    we have quite the blog crush on you 🙂

    have a beautiful day. sending good vibes from hot and humid NYC where we are today….


  15. Pig in the Kitchen Says:

    Fantastic news about your daughter, congratulations to her! And well done on the bowl, it looks fab. x

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