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Valentines and Pink Hair

February 14, 2012

Time is swept aside by a huge swimming tide and a wind that throws palm fronds to the ground with a rattled crash. Where does it go? Time? Too much of it in the outpost and now it slips through my fingers, mercurial. Too quicksilvered for me to get a handle on. I wonder that I didn’t waste the stuff before?

Hat is home. A precious sojourn from wintery England. She says it’s nice to feel warm, to wear a bikini and shorts and walk barefoot. She takes my camera and I cheat and steal her pictures. Three to make up for lost time (see? lost!) and gaps in posts where I had promised to paste an image in the ether every day.


As I write she is dipping tresses of her titian hair into various small bottles of confectionary colouring so that when we trawl the Old Town tomorrow in search of treasures to take back to school she will be rainbow headed and giggling. I say, “I hope that washes out before Matron sees it”; Matron was not enamored of the henna decorated hands at the beginning of term. I’m sure it will Mum, says Hat in a tone that suggests she couldn’t really care either way.


Which is how it should be at – almost – 15.