Outer Outposts


Tomorrow this move begins. In convoluted, extrapolated, adventurous and sometimes exhausting fashion. Navigating ourselves north and south and north again over thousands of miles, we’ll sustain ourselves with flasks of tea and sticks of biltong. We’ll carry the essentials of early day living with us: the dogs, my computer, a very old cat, enough t’shirts that we can keep going until a bucket of water and a packet of Omo can be sourced somewhere.


The moving doesn’t undo me. The arriving does. A little. I haven’t been to the spot where we are going. Husband helpfully provides a picture.


New Home


I think there’s a reason there’s an airstrip in the garden.


I think it’s a shame we don’t own our own wings.


I think the Outpost suddenly seems suburban.

061 - Copy

11 Responses to “Outer Outposts”

  1. Catofstripes Says:

    Best of luck in your new home. I’ll be waiting to hear all about it.

  2. Sabine Says:

    Have a good start!

  3. Pene Macadam Says:

    Safe trip and happy landings. Thinking of you all xxx

  4. robyn Says:

    Oh my gosh…that is the outer outpost…good luck!

  5. Addy Says:

    Good luck. Hope the move goes well. Living as I do in the very midst of London, that outpost would be make me feel very lonely and vulnerable. But that’s just me….. I need people in shouting distance, even if I prefer my own company!

  6. nappyvalleygirl Says:

    Wow. Could you get any more remote? I hope you will have lots of visitors arriving via that airstrip.

  7. Jackie Says:

    Good luck Anthea and safari njema as you wend your way northwards. If you are close to us on your way, you are welcome to come in and avail yourselves of a hot bath! Jx

  8. Nicola Says:

    Wishing you all the best. Don’t be too lonely – we’re all still here waiting for your next post! x

  9. Leilani Lee Says:

    The photographs remind me of the vast stretches of the southwestern United States — Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, even California., which we have driven through many times. I imagine the panorama of stars at night will be beautiful. Keep us posted.

  10. eliza Says:

    caught up with you here. been thinking about you and hope you’re ok? lizzie told me you were moving north again, on the road again….wow. i understand about not unpacking, I didn’t for the almost two years we were in usa river. now we’re in our own place, here on the farm, i think perhaps i could…I’d quite like to put down some roots 🙂 hope to see you before too long, lots of love xx

  11. qlddeb Says:

    It looks challenging, isolated but also amazing! Imagine the wonders you will find down there. Kind of reminds me of the outback in North West Queensland. I loved the space.

    Good luck with the move, hope the airstrip is very busy for you.

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