Why This is Home

My daughter, writing her dissertation, ‘Never Complete. Never whole. White Skin and an African Soul’, asks me for a quote, ‘Why do you think you’re African’.

I tell her, I feel African because everything about this place is familiar from the light, to the seasons, to the rains, the colours, the insects, the birdcalls, the dust. And especially the people and the language around me and that colourful chaos that permeates and gets right under my skin.

I don’t feel at home in the same way anywhere else. I don’t feel a part of the easy fabric of a place like I do here.
I don’t know if that makes me African.

But I know it makes Africa home.

To belong to a place it needs to feel as if it fits. This does.

And so does this.


6 Responses to “Why This is Home”

  1. nuttycow (@nuttycow) Says:

    Welcome back RM. Hope you feel a little more settled back *here*.

  2. Ellie Says:

    I,ve shifted blog homes a few times, so I understand! I think i finally have it sorted on my end, after a number of years of waffling back and forth!

    (My eldest son, whose heritage is half North African, had as his favorite picture book when he was little ‘When Africa was Home’, about a family that moved back and forth betwixt there and North America — his favorite book even though he’d never been there,, i think it is something in the web of one’s being perhaps. If that makes any sense!).

  3. Addy Says:

    The old adage ….. Home is where the heart is……..

  4. Kit Says:

    I’ll keep reading wherever you are. glad this feels like home!

  5. Family Affairs Says:

    Oh for goodness sake – I can’t keep up!! Just changed your url on my blog and I’m no techy let me tell you. However, welcome back – I know just how you feel – this blog feels like home for you….Lx

  6. Michelle Crowsfeet Says:

    So lovely to havea portion of my poem used as a quote on such a nice blog. Thank you x

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