Winging my Way

winging my way

Arriving on the Emerald Isle

I arrived on a glorious winter’s evening; the sky was blue but last night’s snow was still on the ground, ice-white and cold.

My team and I are straggled around the globe – Ant in East Africa, two of my children, as I landed in Ireland, headed back to London via Dubai and the third at work near Cambridge. A bigwideworld made tinier, less intimidating, by the worldwideweb. Thankfully.

I am here to collect Mum – to escort her back to African sunshine and sounds.

A whistle-stop tour. I write to the sound of a gale that is picking up over the hills, a leaden sky, skeletal trees. And I am snug in a well-warmed, brightly-lit kitchen. In a week I will be peeled down to shorts and bare feet listening to the crows shout obscenities at the dogs as the sun leans on her horizon and the fat shade of mango trees stretches long and low.

And there, against that backdrop, I will teach Mum to read.



4 Responses to “Winging my Way”

  1. Catherine Says:

    I am so glad your mum is well enough to travel back with you, where you can carry on helping her. No matter what happens I am sure this is the best place for her. And I am sure you will succeed in teaching her to read. Being in a more relaxed environment I am sure you will see a marked improvement. Keep us up to date.Good luck.xx

  2. Jackie Says:

    Anthea, if anyone can crack the code and help your Mum to read again, I have no doubt it will be you. And definitely the best place to do it is back in the Outpost in the African sunshine, where you can both apprecite the beauty of your surroundings. Good luck, stay strong and know that all your friends are rooting for you, and are on their mobiles when you need moral support. Always here for you. xxx

  3. Ad dy Says:

    I am sure your mum will benefit from being close with you and from being in some sunshine as opposed to the grey wet winter we have been having here. I hope it won’t be long before other family members are able to swell the numbers, while you cope with the words.

  4. Lily Says:

    She was your guardian and guide when you were new to the world, and now that is your role for her- an honor. And you seem to do it with such grace and tenderness.

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