Another Life, Another Minute


I imagine London falling quiet, quieter, today at eleven for a minute. A minute to remember the fallen of the NHS. Today there would be been almost nobody on the streets, in cabs, on trains, today most of those who stood, hands clasps before them, heads bowed in reverence and thought, would have been in their own homes. Quietly at home.

Stay Home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives.

I remember another silent minute. I was walking west from Green Park when it fell, this time to honour the lives of those taken during the bombings of the London Underground. My eldest daughter, just twelve then, walked with me, a brilliant summer’s day. Suddenly the city fell pin drop silent. All the black cabs slowed to a stop and stifled the purr of their engines, staff from the hotels that line Piccadilly came out onto the pavement and gathered, an army of mourners in chef’s whites.

There was something so eerie, so beautiful, so profoundly moving in that single minute: that rocking rolling roiling riotous London could be stilled, hushed, an invisible fingers upon unseen lips.

Shhhhhhhh; remember them.

I hope those who sought solace today found some small measure in those still, silent, sixty seconds.



One Response to “Another Life, Another Minute”

  1. Kestrel Says:

    Heartfelt post for the dedication and sacrifices of the NHS. It would be even more quiet with the partial lock downs. jom colour me

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