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Not the only one In The Dark

April 16, 2007

I have four commissions to work on, all of which I need to submit before month end. I have achieved remarkably little this morning – partly because I am nervously anticipating regular adrenaline rush at ATM and partly because I keep being distracted by news items.

Tengeru Primary School, I read, which is just up the road from where I live, has just received its first ever computer, ‘complete with printer, a flat LCD monitor and other peripherals’ (what are they?). The computer is a donation from Graham and Diana, an elderly couple who live in England and visited the school whilst on a visit to Tanzania. In recognition of their regular generosity, the school has pinned a photograph of them up on a board.

I wish – during Graham and Diana’s visit – that somebody had thought to tell them the school needed electricity more than it needed a computer; the application to TANESCO (national power company) for a connection was lodged ten years ago.

I think I need to give somebody Mr Dominic’s telephone number?